J/105 North American Championship - James Rathbun extends lead

2013 J/105 Championship
Christopher Howell
James Rathbun’s Hey Jude won both of Friday’s races at the J/105 North American Championship to open up a 10-point lead on day two of the event. Rathbun, of Toronto, now has three consecutive bullets, succeeding a sixth and third in the initial races on Thursday, for 12 points. With a pair of fourth-place finishes today, Cedric Lewis’ Mirage moved into second overall with 22 points. The next two boats are tied at 24: Ken Colburn’s Ghost and Stephen Phillips’ Le Renard. The championship is hosted by the Annapolis Yacht Club in Maryland.

Teams were postponed onshore until noon, waiting for a line of storms to pass through the area. Once they did, the fleet was sent out for two races. The first was started in about 5 knots of breeze that died quickly as the boats went up the first beat. When the wind filled in, it shifted left and settled in at 6-8 knots for the rest of the day. Following Hey Jude in Friday’s opening battle were Chuck Lawrence’s Froya and Damian Emery’s Eclipse. In the second contest behind Rathbun came Hugh Bethell’s Jester and Phillips.

Racing continues through Sunday for the 27 teams from Bermuda, Canada and the USA.

complete results
130/ CAN 110Hey JudeRathbun, James6311112.001
222/ 328MirageLewis, Cedric2574422.002
312/ 600GHOSTColburn, Ken1666524.003
428/ 113Le RenardPhillips, Stephen8229324.004
513/ 50eclipseEmery, Damian311531335.005
611/ 321Rum PuppyBiddle, Jack11985639.006
735/ 334LouLouStone, Bruce443181241.007
810/ USA 43JesterBethell, Hugh771610242.008
914/ 501TenaciousGitchell, Carl121214131061.009
1027/ 267Live EdgeMountford, Michael151411111162.0010
1120/ 649RadianceLakenmacher, Bill9828/DSQ12865.0011
1233/ 90Max PowerSchulze, Gerrit18105221974.0012
1329/ 98Better MousetrapPutnam, Robert21111916774.0013
1419/ US 351inigokonigsberg, jim16154192175.0014
1524/ BER 490Distant PassionMacdonald, James101320171676.0015
1623/ 202Dog HouseLibby, Arthur13191782077.0016
1715/ USA 674JavaGroobey, Chris142118/ARP,30%15977.0017
1832/ 523Santas Reign, DearSanta, Donald52312231780.0018
1926/ 52000UnbridledMock, Robert17182471480.0019
2021/ 619FroyaLawrence, Chuck2320922781.0020
2118/ 220Bat IVKennedy, Andrew191613202391.0021
2231/ 313A TrainReeves, Robert2717182418104.0022
2336/ 50259TrioUhlir, Jim2422252115107.0023
2425/ USA 330At-TackMcCloud, Dennis2525211425110.0024
2534/ 83082SingularityShortz, Stanley2224222624118.0025
2617/ 251BreakawayHinds, Richard2026232726122.0026
2716/ USA 159CrescendoGuarino, Angelo2627262522126.0027