It’s weed - You can eat it, but don’t smoke it

Qingdao Olympic Regatta 2008. A flotilla of weed-collecting boats working close inshore before racing starts on 12th August.
Flotillas on algae-collecting boats are out on the Qingdao Olympic Regatta racecourse this morning. Yesterday there was plenty of evidence of algae out on the course, and evidently this morning ‘action’ is deemed to be necessary.

At a press conference yesterday the race management was asked just how many algae-collecting boats were on standby – the answer was ‘enough’. Take a really close look at these images, shot at 0900 hrs local time today, 12th August. Check out the huge number of boats out on the horizon, along the algae barrier. More than just a flotilla, it’s a real fleet.

Sail-World NZL editor Richard Gladwell reports that it tastes 'quite nice' but suggests that diners 'rinse off the e.coli' before consuming.

Latest fishing/algae boat numbers are 300 today, with a total of 1200 fisherman.

A fleet of work boats deal to the Qingdao Green.

A fleet of work boats deal to the Qingdao Green.