International OK Dinghy Australian Championship - Hughes dominates

Mark Jackson
Mark Roberts
International OK Dinghy Australian Championship day 3.

Well what a difference a day can make!

Having sailed the past two days in big southerly breezes of 20-25 kts and waves to match, day three of the championship showed little promise of producing any breeze whatsoever. With the BOM forecast 'predicting' a breeze from about ever possible point of the compass during the course of the day, PRO Malcolm Hughes decided to hold the fleet on shore to see what might develop. After not more than a hour waiting around a gentle breeze of 5 knots began to develop out of the south west.

The conditions on the water proved to be extremely fickle with the breeze shifting between 5 and 20 degrees without apparent rhyme or reason. While these conditions were despised by the big men of the fleet who had dominated the first two days, they were relished by the 'light weights'.

Ultimately it was Adelaide local and former Laser SASI sailor, Todd Hughes, who was able to best master the conditions recording two bullets for the day. In race 5 he was followed by Mark Jackson in second, another Adelaide local, Brent Williams, in third and 1979 National Champion winner, Bruce Ashton. Race 6 had Bruce Ashton second, Brent Williams third and last years champion, Mike Williams in fourth.

The event is being hosted by the Adelaide Sailing Club, South Australia, with the final day of racing January 8.

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Todd Hughes
Mark Roberts