International Moth Worlds- Three bullets in a row for Greenhalgh

International Moth World Championships 2014
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International Moth World Championships 2014 - Day 2: Racing started around 1pm after the Westerly sea breeze came in.

Blue fleet made up for their lost race from Saturday and then sailed two more races in the best of the breeze.

MW0214 IMG 9344 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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Yellow fleet were too far East to get the full effect of this and only managed a single race in what was a long day on the water for them. The race team moved Yellow fleet further west once Blue fleet were sent ashore, but the gradient and sea breeze were cancelling each other out and racing was abandoned for the day.

Robert Greenhalgh (GBR) was the man in Blue fleet who managed to stay up on the foils more than anyone else. Only top Australian helms Nathan Outteridge and Scott Babbage were able to keep in touch at all with Greenhalgh in the first race of the day.

Robert said after the racing, 'Confidence is high - that's three wins in a row and I was leading the race which was abandoned at the end of the day. In the light airs today it was very important to get off the line and after that I was very happy with my speed.'

David Cambell-James on the leeward mark boat took particular note of Robert's start in Blue race three particularly, 'He started on port at the pin end and crossed the fleet comfortably. He was off.'

Chris Draper ended his day on a better note with two fifth places after pushing it a bit too hard in the early Blue fleet race, 'I was pushing it a bit hard downwind and speared it in just before the finish. To make things worse Simon Hiscocks just got past me on the line.'

Draper's 12th in race two is currently his discard, with his other counting result being a sixth.

Stevie Morrison has been consistently getting results around 15th and was happy with his day on the water. After finishing 50th at the nationals, he had some setup advice from Nathan Outteridge which has helped his foiling stability immensely. Even so, Stevie said the top guys can pull a new piece of kit out of the bag to gain a bit more pace, or as Nathan jokingly said at the bar having a beer with Stevie, 'You just need to spend to win in this fleet!'

MW0214 IMG 9319 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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With only three or four qualifying races completed so far, depending on which fleet each helm is in, qualifying has been extended into Monday with the reserve day on Tuesday now being used for Gold and Silver fleet racing. Sunday's Yellow fleet will head out early to make up for their lost race.

The overall results to date are tricky to show with the fleets out of sync. Of the Brits, Robert Greenhalgh is looking good with three bullets and an eighth and Chris Rashley has one,two,one in his three races. The Antipodeans are also looking strong with Josh Mcknight scoring three,one,three, Scott Babbage with two,two,three,four and Nathan Outteridge scoring three,two,two after his gear failure before race one of the series gave him a DNC.

There are a few more who've been knocking in results in the top ten such as Rob Gough (AUS), Ben Paton (GBR), Andrew McDougall (AUS), Tom Offer (GBR) and Christopher Rast (SUI). With the light winds set to continue into the week, this kind of consistency could well be key to getting a podium result.

MW0214 IMG 9603 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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The stunning weather does make the racing very watchable from the Hayling Island beach. Why not come down, bring a set of binoculars, some suntan lotion and ice cream money to enjoy the unique sight of 138 foiling Moths battle it out in UK waters.

The International Moth class is hugely grateful to the companies that are helping make this championship possible; Magic Marine, LV, Lennon Sails, CST Composites, Ronstan and Blueteq. is the official media partner and producing daily reports and blogging live from the event. Reports will be complemented with Beau Outteridge Productions videos.

The World Championships take place between 19-25 July.

MW0214 IMG 9540 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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MW0214 IMG 9404 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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MW0214 IMG 9362 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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MW0214 IMG 9365 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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MW0214 IMG 9372 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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MW0214 IMG 9378 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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Leigh Albrecht (GBR 4050) and Chris Draper (GBR 3967). - International Moth World Championships 2014
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MW0214 IMG 9334 - International Moth World Championships 2014
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Results 2014 International Moth World Championship Hayling Island SC Results as of 16:12 on July 20, 2014 Overall Sailed: 3, Discards: 1, To count: 2, Entries: 138, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st1GBR5Robert GreenhalghRoyal Southern YC(8.0)
2nd2GBR7Chris RashleyRoyal London YC1.0(2.0)
3rd102AUS4142Josh McknightRPAYC(3.0)
4th103AUS3Scott BabbageWoollahra SC2.02.0(3.0)7.04.0
5th101AUS2Nathan OutteridgeWangi SC(70.0 DNC)
6th104AUS6Rob GoughRoyal YC Tasmania1.05.0(7.0)13.06.0
7th5GBR4147Michael LennonHISC(19.0)
8th3GBR4Ben PatonLymington Town SC5.03.0(7.0)15.08.0
9th105AUS3900Andrew McDougallBlack Rock YC4.0(6.0)
10th6GBR4038Tom OfferRock SC3.0(8.0)
11th35GBR3942Jason BelbenStokes Bay SC(12.0)
12th8GBR3967Chris DraperWPNSA6.0(12.0)
13th163SUI4112Christopher RastTYC/RCO/MBYC(6.0)
14th7GBR4123Dylan FletcherPortland Moth Squad(12.0)
15th130JPN3989Hiroki GotoABeam4.08.0(15.0)27.012.0
16th111BEL4049Giovanni GaleottiRYCB2.0(11.0)
17th9GBR4146Paul GoodisonUlley SC10.0(12.0)
18th129JPN4095Kohei KajimotoBlack Rock YC7.0(16.0)
19th138SUI3796Arnaud PsarofaghisSN Geneva10.06.0(11.0)27.016.0
20th153ITA4092Carlo de PaoliCircolo Vela Torbole8.09.0(10.0)27.017.0
21st4GBR3985Simon HiscocksHISC9.0(11.0)
22nd125ITA4138Gian Maria FerrighiYC Acquafrecsca5.0(70.0 DNC)
23rd16GBR4036Dan VincentStokes Bay SC7.0(19.0)
24th128ITA4093Stefano RizziSV Oscar Cosulich13.07.0(21.0)41.020.0
25th57GBR4099Ricky TaggHISC11.0(14.0)
26th147SWE4159Nils AkervallRoyal Swedish YC9.0(21.0)
27th17GBR4059Dan WardFrensham Ponds SC15.09.0(28.0)52.024.0
28th127ITA41Stefano FerrighiYC Acquafresca16.010.0(33.0)59.026.0
29th63GBR4096Tim PenfoldHISC(35.0)
30th61GBR4155Stevie MorrisonExe SC14.015.0(16.0)45.029.0
31st43GBR4050Leigh AlbrechtQueen Mary SC14.015.0(52.0)81.029.0
32nd148USA9Brad FunkUS Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider20.0(52.0)
33rd51GBR4149Oliver HoldenHISC(23.0)
34th135NZL4037Jason RussellHISC(29.0)
35th124ITA3855Fabio MazzettiCircolo Vela Arco13.0(19.0)
36th126ITA4030Marco LanulfiYC Acquafresca17.013.0(23.0)53.030.0
37th55GBR3943Richard EdwardsParkstone YC(25.0)
38th137RSA4062Jonathan HeathcotePoint YC20.013.0(25.0)58.033.0
39th108AUS4034Luke MolloyRQYS15.0(33.0)
40th56GBR4073Richard WestburyDraycote23.0(34.0)
41st106AUS3637Brent PearsonKeppel Bay SC21.016.0(37.0)74.037.0
42nd142SUI3752David HolenwegCV Estavyer-le-Lac(28.0)
43rd113ESP3975Pablo ArandiaEMV Valencia19.0(28.0)
44th18GBR4065Daniel HendersonStokes Bay SC24.0(25.0)
45th144SUI4032Jean-Pierre de SiebenthalSN de Geneve(24.0)
46th44GBR4045Matt PonsfordHISC22.018.0(29.0)69.040.0
47th13GBR4061John PinkHill Head SC(32.0)
48th12GBR4067Cameron StewartHISC21.020.0(26.0)67.041.0
49th122IRL3592Rory FitzpatrickNational YC28.014.0(30.0)72.042.0
50th67GBR3947Ed ChapmanQueen Mary SC(29.0)
51st30GBR4121James PhareQueen Mary SC11.0(37.0)
52nd123IRL3805Ryan SeatonBallyholme YC/CSC(33.0)
53rd49GBR4060Neil BakerHISC18.0(39.0)
54th115FRA4090Seb ColYCPR23.0 RDGa(24.0)
55th21GBR4115David HiveyHISC22.0(27.0)
56th116FRA3972Yann Andrillon (26.0)
57th110AUS4004Will LoganRoyal YC Tasmania26.023.0(32.0)81.049.0
58th24GBR4075Doug PybusQueen Mary SC(37.0)
59th132NED3849Constantijn WeberWSV Muiderberg18.032.0(40.0)90.050.0
60th133NED4074Eelco BoersWV Roerkoning(70.0 DNC)25.025.0120.050.0
61st26GBR4158Geoff CarvethHISC17.0(38.0)
62nd22GBR3995David SimmondsHISC30.023.0(37.0)90.053.0
63rd54GBR4071Phillippe OligarioWorthing YC(32.0)
64th59GBR3981Simon ReynoldsWhitstable YC27.0(29.0)
65th47GBR3939Matthew StarkGuernsey YC25.0(37.0)
66th162FRA3879Pierre BlancCN St Jean Cap Ferrat(31.0)
67th42GBR3922Kyle StonehamThorpe Bay YC16.0(54.0)44.0114.060.0
68th37GBR3830John CliftonShoreham SC(45.0)35.026.0106.061.0
69th10GBR4100Alex KoukourakisEastbourne Soverign SC37.027.0(70.0 DNC)134.064.0
70th155USA4066Dylan DiMarchiWaikiki YC34.030.0(48.0)112.064.0
71st114FRA3875Benoit MarieSNO Nantes(51.0)26.039.0116.065.0
72nd150GER3843Carlo MaegeFeldafinger Seglerverein34.0(41.0)31.0106.065.0
73rd27GBR3980Graham SimmondsHISC39.0(40.0)27.0106.066.0
74th36GBR3979Jeremy HartleyStokes Bay SC(41.0)36.030.0107.066.0
75th118GER3684Sven KloppenburgRatzeburger SV33.0(34.0)33.0100.066.0
76th143SUI4144Fabien FroeschSN de Geneve(70.0 DNC)29.038.0137.067.0
77th11GBR4122Andrew FriendNorfolk Punt Club31.0(39.0)36.0106.067.0
78th134NZL4124Glen ReadVauxhall YC30.0(43.0)38.0111.068.0
79th119IRL3889Alistair KissaneHowth YC(40.0)33.035.0108.068.0
80th107AUS3631John GendersRYCT(36.0)35.036.0107.071.0
81st74NED4023Kalle Coster 35.036.0(39.0)110.071.0
82nd145SUI3798Philippe SchillerSN de Geneve(51.0)26.047.0124.073.0
83rd65GBR3834Chris ClarkeThorpe Bay SC38.038.0(48.0)124.076.0
84th120IRL3861Annalise MurphyNational YC27.050.0(54.0)131.077.0
85th154SUI3729Philip KaesermanSN de Geneve36.045.0(46.0)127.081.0
86th73GBR3795Stefan GieserWSV Heidelberg West(70.0 DNC)42.040.0152.082.0
87th53GBR4043Paul HaydenStokes Bay SC(44.0)40.043.0127.083.0
88th20GBR3880Dave SmithwhiteHISC42.0(45.0)41.0128.083.0
89th62GBR4072Thomas LambertWilsonian SC40.0(51.0)44.0135.084.0
90th160DEN3914Ole FreySonderborg YC41.0(57.0)43.0141.084.0
91st136POL3842Michal DomanskiHISC39.047.0(51.0)137.086.0
92nd140SUI3820Caspar BuettnerZurcher YC(45.0)43.045.0133.088.0
93rd48GBR3941Miles BurrageThorpe Bay SC46.044.0(51.0)141.090.0
94th50GBR3759Nic StreatfeildRutland Water SC(70.0 DNC)41.050.0161.091.0
95th121IRL4206John ChambersNational YC(55.0)50.042.0147.092.0
96th109AUS3905Phil StevensonSt George SC43.0(54.0)50.0147.093.0
97th23GBR4044Dominic HuttonQueen Mary SC(70.0 DNC)53.041.0164.094.0
98th38GBR3924Jon BennettHISC43.051.0(70.0 DNC)164.094.0
99th68GBR3730Jonathan PeatsCastle Cove SC50.044.0(70.0 DNC)164.094.0
100th46GBR3945Matthew LeaGrafham Water SC(48.0)48.046.0142.094.0
101st139SUI3836Adriano PetrinoCV Lago di Lugano(47.0)47.047.0141.094.0
102nd71GBR3632Martin FearBristol Corinthian SC42.0(59.0)53.0154.095.0
103rd69GBR3787Jono PankImperial Poona YC(70.0 DNC)46.049.0165.095.0
104th60GBR4162Steve McLeanHISC48.049.0(57.0)154.097.0
105th14GBR3715Chris JeevesDe Spaenjerd SC49.0(55.0)49.0153.098.0
106th45GBR3910Matthew Bergmann SmithHISC47.053.0(55.0)155.0100.0
107th31GBR3756James SainsburyGrafham Water SC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC31.0171.0101.0
108th32GBR3613James ThomasBewl Valley SC(70.0 DNC)31.070.0 DNC171.0101.0
109th15GBR3917Dan EllisRoyal Plymouth Corinthian YC(52.0)49.052.0153.0101.0
110th64GBR4041Andrew BleeDraycote Water SC44.058.0(70.0 DNC)172.0102.0
111th33GBR4106Jamie MorganGrafham Water SC56.046.0(58.0)160.0102.0
112th52GBR3668Patrick CunninghamGurnard SC49.055.0(70.0 DNC)174.0104.0
113th29GBR4150Ian SouthworthHamble River SC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC35.0175.0105.0
114th159DEN3601Hans RasmussenTroense Badelaug(70.0 DNC)48.057.0175.0105.0
115th72GBR3802Neale JonesHISC54.0(56.0)53.0163.0107.0
116th34GBR3192Jamie PearsonDraycote Water SC50.0(70.0 DNC)58.0178.0108.0
117th112BEL3915Quentin Blondiau (70.0 DNC)52.056.0178.0108.0
118th146SUI3599Tristan Mathez-LoicSN Geneva(70.0 DNC)56.054.0180.0110.0
119th70GBR3704Mark DellThorpe Bay YC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC42.0182.0112.0
120th25GBR3870Eddie GatehouseHISC(70.0 DNC)42.070.0 DNC182.0112.0
121st131JPN4137Wakako TabataABeam53.0(60.0)59.0172.0112.0
122nd165GBR3946Paul BeardQMSC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC45.0185.0115.0
123rd58GBR3928Rob CageThames SC46.0(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC186.0116.0
124th28GBR3131Guy Stewart RaynesWeston SC52.0(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC192.0122.0
125th117GER3381Burhard StaabsRock SC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC55.0195.0125.0
126th39GBR3766Jordan WoodsWeston SC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC56.0196.0126.0
127th40GBR4207Joseph WellerdPlymouth University SC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th151GER3088Jens SchoenbergSegelclub Ratzeburger See(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th41GBR3604Katherine KnightWPNSA(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th158ARG4167Matias Gainza EurnekianYacht Club Argentino(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th149USA4086Zack DowningSan Diego YC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th161DEN3978Soren BuhlHorsens YC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th152ITA3789Andrea BiagioniHISC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th157ARG4170Franco GreggiYacht Club Argentino(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th156ARG4168Daniel Pierrard (70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th19GBR4098Danny ClarkThorpe Bay SC(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th66GBR4151David ChisholmRNSA(70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
127th164GBR3881Diederik Bulters (70.0 DNC)70.0 DNC70.0 DNC210.0140.0
2014 International Moth World ChampionshipHayling Island SCResults as of 17:52 on July 20, 2014Q4Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place Start: Start 2, Finishes: Place
 1GBR5Robert GreenhalghRoyal Southern YC1 
 101AUS2Nathan OutteridgeWangi SC2 
 6GBR4038Tom OfferRock SC3 
 103AUS3Scott BabbageWoollahra SC4 
 8GBR3967Chris DraperLCSC5 
 7GBR4123Dylan FletcherPortland Moth Squad6 
 138SUI3796Arnaud PsarofaghisSN Geneva7 
 57GBR4099Ricky TaggHISC8 
 125ITA4138Gian Maria FerrighiYC Acquafrecsca9 
 148USA9Brad FunkUS Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider10 
 51GBR4149Oliver HoldenHISC11 
 17GBR4059Dan WardFrensham Ponds SC12 
 144SUI4032Jean-Pierre de SiebenthalSN de Geneve13 
 142SUI3752David HolenwegCV Estavyer-le-Lac14 
 61GBR4155Stevie MorrisonExe SC15 
 147SWE4159Nils AkervallRoyal Swedish YC16 
 74NED4023Kalle Coster 17 
 55GBR3943Richard EdwardsParkstone YC18 
 54GBR4071Phillippe OligarioWorthing YC19 
 26GBR4158Geoff CarvethHISC20 
 105AUS3900Andrew McDougallBlack Rock YC21 
 53GBR4043Paul HaydenStokes Bay SC22 
 104AUS6Rob GoughRoyal YC Tasmania23 
 139SUI3836Adriano PetrinoCV Lago di Lugano24 
 67GBR3947Ed ChapmanQueen Mary SC25 
 162FRA3879Pierre BlancCN St Jean Cap Ferrat26 
 133NED4074Eelco BoersWV Roerkoning27 
 27GBR3980Graham SimmondsHISC28 
 150GER3843Carlo MaegeFeldafinger Seglerverein29 
 119IRL3889Alistair KissaneHowth YC30 
 113ESP3975Pablo ArandiaEMV Valencia31 
 37GBR3830John CliftonShoreham SC32 
 106AUS3637Brent PearsonKeppel Bay SC33 
 16GBR4036Dan VincentStokes Bay SC34 
 109AUS3905Phil StevensonSt George SC35 
 124ITA3855Fabio MazzettiCircolo Vela Arco36 
 21GBR4115David HiveyHISC37 
 134NZL4124Glen ReadVauxhall YC38 
 70GBR3704Mark DellThorpe Bay YC39 
 14GBR3715Chris JeevesDe Spaenjerd SC40 
 118GER3684Sven KloppenburgRatzeburger SV41 
 36GBR3979Jeremy HartleyStokes Bay SC42 
 120IRL3861Annalise MurphyNational YC43 
 132NED3849Constantijn WeberWSV Muiderberg44 
 46GBR3945Matthew LeaGrafham Water SC45 
 45GBR3910Matthew Bergmann SmithHISC46 
 165GBR3946Paul BeardQMSC47 
 107AUS3631John GendersRYCT48 
 65GBR3834Chris ClarkeThorpe Bay SC49 
 48GBR3941Miles BurrageThorpe Bay SC50 
 23GBR4044Dominic HuttonQueen Mary SC51 
 110AUS4004Will LoganRoyal YC Tasmania52 
 15GBR3917Dan EllisRoyal Plymouth Corinthian YC53 
 33GBR4106Jamie MorganGrafham Water SC54 
 71GBR3632Martin FearBristol Corinthian SC55 
 25GBR3870Eddie GatehouseHISC56 
 159DEN3601Hans RasmussenTroense Badelaug57