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Women’s One Person Dinghy - Laser Radial event
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Success Story: The Laser’s simplicity makes it an ideal learn to sail boat suitable for clubs, sailing schools and holidays. With its three different sized rigs, it makes an ideal family boat with a rig to cater for the kids, mum & dad. Its vast global distribution makes it a fantastic fleet racing craft, from club, right up to Olympic level.

A Laser is for life, from Junior’s learning to sail with the smallest rig, called the Laser 4.7 to youth boys and girls aiming to win the prestigious Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF Youth World Championship, Masters racing for world titles and ladies aspiring to win the Olympics in the Laser Radial and finally, the largest rig, the Laser Standard in which Masters compete for world titles and men compete for the Olympics.

Three boats in one: The Laser Radial is the middle sized of three Laser rigs and is completely interchangeable with the Laser Standard and the Laser 4.7, as only the sail and lower mast are different. That means on windy or cruising days or when you bring a friend along, you just switch rigs. You get three boats for little more than the price of one. You get more for your money when you buy a Laser.

Good Choice! Making the move into a Laser Radial would be the best choice you could make for your future sailing career, proven by many of the world’s best sailors who all credit their success to time spent in the Laser Class. You can stay in the Laser for life, depending on your size and goals.

Getting started is easy, buy a boat, join your local club and have fun learning to sail and race. Racing is a great way to meet people, make friends and to travel.

Weight: Ideally suited to weights of 55 to 75kgs, the Laser Radial is the Women’s Olympic Class as well as the chosen equipment for both the boys and girls event at the prestigious Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship.

Sail for fun, play games with your friends, explore, discover and learn in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. It is advisable to get some instruction to set you sailing in the right direction. PSA offers Laser Coaching, contact; for further details.
Laser Radial Youth and Mens Worlds - Day 1
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Youth: Laser Radial Youth Boys and Girls World Championship will be hosted by Largs Sailing Club in Scotland in the UK from 18 – 25 July 2010. Compete in the annual OAMPS Insurance Brokers Australian Youth Championship (In Adelaide 6-10 January 2010) and you could qualify for the Australian Youth Team by winning your event and get to compete at the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship (Turkey July 2010).

Women: Campaign for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Qualify at the Australian Laser Radial Championship in Adelaide 27 Dec – 4 Jan for an entry at the Laser Radial Women’s World Championship which will be hosted by Largs Sailing Club in Scotland in the UK from 6 – 14 July 2010. Tour the world competing in the ISAF World Cup and aim for a place on the Australian Sailing Team.

Men: The Laser Radial is an ideal class for light weight men. There is a full national and international racing circuit including an annual Laser Radial Men’s World Championship held alongside the Women’s Championship. It is not an Olympic class for men but it is the best stepping stone into the Men’s Olympic Laser Standard Class.

Masters: As well as the three Laser Standard titles, there are eight Laser Radial titles to be won at the Masters World Championship, they are; Laser Radial Apprentice Master Men & Women (35 – 44yrs), Laser Radial Master Men & Women (45 – 54yrs), Laser Radial Grand Master Men & Women (55 – 64yrs) and the Laser Radial Great Grand Master Men & Women (65yrs +). It is a great scene, sociable, fun and competitive. The next Laser Masters World Championship will be held at Hayling Island in the UK from 11-19th September 2010.

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