Injured 29er sailor Tess Lloyd reacting well to treatment

Tess Lloyd and Lewis Duncan - Ist after 2 days - Australian Youth Championships Day 2 - 29ers
Carolyn Lewis
Talented Victorian 29er skipper Tess Lloyd is today showing promising signs as she continues to slowly recover from injuries incurred in a collision during the final race of the 2012 Australian Youth Championships last Tuesday.

Tess remains in an induced coma in hospital in Brisbane but this morning her doctors were able to successfully reduce the medication levels keeping her in the coma by half, with her body reacting positively to the reduction.

Tess’ nurses are now able to move her in the hospital bed comfortably without any adverse reaction.

The process to bring her completely out of the coma is a slow one and Tess’ doctors are continually monitoring her with no definite timeline to when this will occur.

Tess’ family has been inundated with messages of support from members of the Australian sailing community over the last week and her family is very appreciative of that support.

Yachting Australia
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These Yachting Australia bulletins remain the family’s preferred way for Tess’s progress to be communicated to the sailing community and the general public and will continue to be released for as long as her family wishes.