Improve halyard tension by video from UK Sailmakers

Halyard tension - making all the difference
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UK Sailmakers is building a library of instructional videos titled 'Sail with Confidence' to help sailors become better at sail trim and boat handling.

This month’s video shows how to set proper halyard tension. Halyard tension is used to properly position the draft of a sail fore and aft, and that takes a practiced eye.

To help sailors learn to look at sail shapes, UK Sailmakers also offers a free app, AccuMeasure, that lets you measure the draft position and the depth of digital pictures.

After watching the video below and using AccuMeasure, you will be much better at getting fast sail shapes.!Click_here to download AccuMeasure for free. As UK post new instructional videos, they will be announced in future editions of Sail-World Cruising and the UK Sailmakers newsletter.