Images of the Waitemata- Sail NZ's America's Cupper experience

Sail NZ America’s Cuppers are located in Auckland’’s Downtown Viaduct Harbour area

The sight of two America's Cup class yachts sailing seven days a week have become a familair sight for many of those who live around the edge of the Waitemata Harbour, in Auckland , New Zealand.

Sail-World joined the guest crew last weekend for a match racing session in light airs on the Waitemata.

Two or three options are available - you can either have a two hour sail in the the America's Cuppers, or join an informal match race running for one or two laps depending in the conditions, or there is a full on corporate match racing and team building experience.

On our match racing sail there were 15 guest crew on each of NZL-40 and NZL-41 plus five regular crew on each.

Ages ranged from early teens to an 87 year old, of some 75 years sailing experience, now confined to a wheelchair.

It was a great day out - for more see

Two modified America’s Cuppers are used - one French from 1995 and the other Japanese from the same era. The beam of the yachts is slightly different from the current models!

Three of the guests get to work in the sewer during spinnaker drops.

Young and old get the chance to sail and America’s Cupper

15 guest crew and five regular crew sail on each yacht in the match racing

Robert Milne from Ohakune gets a shot on the handlebars of an America’s Cupper

Guest crew get to do their time on the grinders on Sail NZ

Two of the guest crew had a great day on the water despite being past their early sailing days before World War II in mullet boats.