ISAF ditches Multihull from 2012 Olympics

The earlier decision to exclude the Multihull Event from the 2012 Olympics has been confirmed by ISAF

Reports from the ISAF Council Meeting in Qingdao, China, indicate that the International Sailing Federation has not changed its earlier stance over the exclusion of the Multihull events from the 2012 Olympics.

The reports we have are of the chain of events is as follows:

Thursday PM - the events committee has not reafirmed the Council decision from November therefore asking the Council to relook at their decision and possibly get the multihull back in for 2012.

On Saturday the vote to determine the ISAF November Olympic debate started by the ISAF President stating that he affirmed the decision from the November meeting. He then handed the meeting over to ISAF Vice President David Kellett to discuss the submission.

Chris Atkins from RYA (UK) opened the debate by promoting the multihull as a discipline that can increase sailing world wide

Bjorn Unger from the Events Committee said the Events Committee also did not support the November decision.

Many people spoke in favour of opening the voting.

The President moved the vote be a secret vote.

The vote was

20 no

17 yes

1 abstain

The disciplines were then reopened

For the men to be reopened 66% of the Council needed to vote in favour.

The vote was 17 against and 21 in favour - even though the majority were in favour of reconsideration, the 66% threshold was not achieved - missing by five votes.

The Council has not reaffirmed the November decision but the numbers were not enough to open the men’s discipline.

Therefore the multihull event is OUT of the 2012 Olympics