ISAF Nations Cup Regional Final victory to Przemyslaw Tarnacki

ISAF Nations Cup Regional Final (EUR) 2011
Gdynia Sailing
The ISAF Nations Cup Regional Final in match racing has resulted in a win for Przemyslaw Tarnacki of Poland. Tarnacki with his crew won the right to take part in the Grand final, which will be held in September in the United States.

The Polish representative advanced to the semifinals from second place after the Round Robin. Because of this, they had to wait for Peter Wibro of Denmark to choose his rival. Wibro, who was number one after Round Robin took Andy Shaw (GBR) in semifinals. Wibro, who is 13th in the World eventually lost against the British crew 1:3.

Tarnacki, who has experience on Diamant 3000 yachts, faced Jurjen Feitsma (NED) in the semifinals. The Dutch skipper capitulated after the fifth race. 'We won, and he compensated for it. Of course there were nerves, but the last run ended well for us' Tarnacki reported.

The Dutchman prepared well for the regatta and this was confirmed in the small final. He reached third place after the 2-0 victory over Wibro. Equally and quickly ending the duel for first place, Tarnacki triumphed 3-0 over Shaw.

'The final score does not reflect the struggle that took place out on the water. It was not easy due to the fact that the wind was very shifty. Under these conditions, our advantage was that our crewman Lukasz Wosinski is a local, from Gdynia and he had a better understanding of the shifts. Winning the Nations Cup regional final is one of the most important successes in my career. It's also a good omen before the European Championships,' assessed Tarnacki.

In Women's competition, Pic Katarzyna was defeated in the semifinal after a hard battle with Ulrikkeholm Camilla (Denmark) 3-2, although she had won the first two races easily. In the final, Pic’s opponent was Annemiek Bekkering (Netherlands), and it ended 1:3 for Dutch. Third place went to Josie Gibson (GBR), who defeated Ulrikkeholm 2-0.

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