ISAF Appointments

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Hot on the heels of Brian Todd’s (NS) election as a Vice President of the International Federation for Disabled Sailing, Sail Canada nominees have been appointed to key positions in the committee structure of the international Sailing Federation.

Canadians will chair three committees, while six others sit as regular members of the committees of the world governing body. Sail Canada Executive Director, Paddy Boyd, commented that hard work by the group under Peter Hall’s leadership had paid off. 'Canada’s contribution by a group of committed volunteers at ISAF and at IFDS has been recognised. The appointment of Canadians to three chairs, second only to Great Britain and France, is acknowledgment of the role that Canadians have played and continue to play as leaders at an international level.'

Team Leader Peter Hall (QC) retains his position on the ISAF Constitution Committee and is the newly appointed vice Chair of the Review Board. David Covo (QC) has been appointed Chair of the Regional Games Committee, Bill Abbott (ON) takes over as Chair of the Class Rules sub-Committee, while Will Apold (NS) will now chair the Special Regulations sub-committee. Lynne Beal (ON) will be the vice-Chair of the International Judges sub-Committee and will also serve on the IFDS Technical Committee. Other committee appointments are Fiona Kidd, (ON) – events Committee, Marianne Davis (ON) – Youth World Championship sub-Committee, Rich Hatch (BC) – Racing Rules Committee, Phil Gow (NS) –Windsurfing and Kiteboard Committee.

At IFDS, alongside Brian Todd, Peter Wood (ON) and Gillian Thomson (BC) serve on committees.