Hobie Cat Australasia & Hogs Breath Cafe National Championships 2012

Hobie 16s start - Hobie Cat Australasia & Hogs Breath Cafe Australian Hobie Cat National Championships 2012
Sally Waterhouse
Hobie Cat Australasia & Hogs Breath Cafe Australian Hobie Cat National Championships 2012 -has wrapped up at Port Melbourne Yacht Club.

61 races over five Days was conducted by PRO Garry Hosie and the PMYC race management team - a marathon effort

On the final afternoon the Hobie 16 series headed out in dropping breeze as the day heated up and the sea breeze and northerly fought each other. Jets skis and powerboats flying around and through the fleet just prior to the start and after did make for some challenging chop!

Having already completed 12 heats run in consistent breezes Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin (NSW) were leading the series with a four point buffer to Cam Owen and Susan Ferris ( WA) .

Unfortunately the wind continued to drop on the final day, although relatively steady in terms of direction. Jerome LeGal and Andy – current World Champions from New Caledonia won the race with Mick Butler – Vincentia NSW in second followed by Cam Owen and Susie Ferris. Jason & Lisa protecting their position just behind in fourth place.

The racing was then called for the day, which meant victory for Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin! Cam Owen and Susie Ferris only three points behind.

Overall Results H16
1. Jason Waterhouse & Lisa Darmanin (NSW) 26.0 4,5,1,1,3,(10)1,1,2,(10),2,1,5
2. Cam Owen Susan Ferris (WA) 29.0 3,1,8,2,1,2,4,2,(8),1,(35DNF),4,1,
3. Jerome Le Gal & Andy Dinsdale (Noumea) 35 1,2,3,5,(12),7,5,(12),3,2,1,2,4
4. Darren Smith & Josie Mark (WA)
5. James Wierzbowski & Pip Petromonaco (VIC)

Earlier that morning in 5-8 knots Brett White (Wild cat) completed the 12 race series with all firsts, Dave Howard hot on his heels in the Tiger.

Overall Results Wildcat/Tiger
1. Brett White & Lachie White (NSW) 10.0
2. David Howard and Andrew Pritchard (VIC) 22.0
3. Bob Shahinger Carina Cartwright (SA) 25.0

Richard Quinn and daughter Rachel in the H18 pulled out two firsts to take a narrow win on the final day from Peter and Aimee Walker.

Results H18
1. Richard Quinn & Rachal Quinn (NSW) 24.0
2. Peter Walker & Aimee Walker (NSW) 25.0
3. Jake de Rooy & Rohan Gilmore (NSW) 29.0

Glen Lazzar in the Hobie 17 also extended their lead by another couple of firsts.

In the ISAF Youth Series Paul Darmanin and Lucy Copeland had a first and second in the last session of racing, however with such a strong performance over the week they were relatively untouchable coming into the last session.

Results H17
1. Glen Lazzar (VIC) 13.0
2. Ron McDonald (VIC) 21.0
3. Nick Bacon (VIC) 31.0

Within the Main H6 fleet the Youth and the Masters were fighting it out for Division trophies. The ISAF Youths all backed up daily to sail both series completing 25 races over 5 days – a mighty effort.

H16 Youth & ISAF Youth Champions Paul Darmanin & Lucy Copeland

H16 U21 Youths
1. Paul Darmanin & Lucy Copeland (NSW) 19
2. Thomas Dupont & Martin Anfosso (Noumea) 21
3. Enguerrand Thomas & Cyraique Thomas (Noumea) 27

ISAF Youths
1. Paul Darmanin Lucy Copeland (NSW) 26.0
2. Thomas Dupont, Martin Anfosso (Noumea) 29.0
3. Michelle Bursa & Chelsea Haynes (VIC) 35.0

H16 Masters
1. Mick Butler & Patrick Butler (NSW) 19.0
2. Murray Woodhead & Tayla Woodhead (WA) 22.0
3. Andrew McKenzie & Will McKenzie (NSW) 23.0

H16 Grand Masters
1. Upu Kila & Sarah Copeland ( NSW) 15.0
2. Rod Hodgkin & Lucy Bromell (WA) 19.0
3. Trevor Huges & Angilina (WA) 28.0

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