Henley SC National 12 Open Meeting

National 12 Henley SC Open Meeting winners

On arrival at Henley there was so little wind and so much current that it looked like the day would be spent sitting on the riverbank in the sunshine. Fortunately some breeze filled in and twelve National 12s took to the water for three races.

In the first race, John & Katy Meadowcroft caught a personal gust which pulled them just into the lead. Despite several minutes when the wind died and the whole fleet drifted backwards into a large tangle, John & Katy managed to hold on to their lead to the end.

In the second race, there was a lot of close short-tacking up the bank between Graham & Zoë, John & Katy, John & Mandy Thornton and Mike Day & Anne Murch. John & Katy got caught up by the pack behind, but the other three managed to stay ahead, with Graham & Zoë finishing in first place.

On the third start there were some last minute ducking manoeuvres on an already crowded line. Graham & Zoë managed to keep clear of the resulting mess to take the lead. John & Katy were snapping at their heels round the leeward mark, but Graham & Zoë just managed to ghost across the finish line ahead.

National 12 - Leading Results

1 Graham Camm & Zoë Ballantyne Babel Fish Burghfield SC
2 John & Katy Meadowcroft Happy Hour Henley SC
3 John & Mandy Thornton Full Monty Henley SC

1st Admirals Cup
Steve Gent & Viv Roberts N2799 & N3221 Henley SC