Gipsy Moth IV aground, Sailing expands across Asia

In 1929 a young aviator Francis Chichester flew his Gipsy Moth around the world and in 1967 he became Sir Francis Chichester after his single stop circumnavigator in a yacht called Gipsy Moth IV, which has become an icon in Britain’s proud maritime history. On Saturday she ran aground on a reef near Tahiti and she is still there.

We have more news on this now and our Sail-World Cruising editor Nancy Knudsen will be posting an update tonight, in our first Australian Cruising newsletter.

Grant Wharington analyses Brunel’s Baltimore in-port race, last again, but a much improved showing, only 20 seconds behind Mile Sanderson’s ABN Amro One.

Sail-World Asia is celebrating its first anniversary this week and Editor Guy Nowell brings us an update on the growth across Asia.

Team Ellen’s B&Q has failed to take the Hong Kong to Hainan record off Sam Chan’s Ffree Fire. We publish a report on their next destination Terengganu in eastern Malaysia.

Don’t forget Nick Moloney will be talking at the CYCA in Sydney tonight.

Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team