Frostbite Series - Challenging action in races 7 and 8

2013 Royal Southampton YCs Doyle Sails Frostbite Series races 7 & 8
In the Doyle Sails Frostbite Series, the wind was north at the top end of the course but northeast at the southern end and the strength varied between ten and fifteen knots with the odd gust thrown in to make it interesting. With this direction of wind in Southampton Water the wind is usually unstable and that is exactly what it was. However we had very close quarters racing at times which kept everybody warm on a very cold cloudy morning.

In the Class 1 fleet in Race 7 Simon Herring in his Mumm 36 Alice crossed the line first and took first place on corrected time yet again with Paul Austin in Winston and Owain Franks in his J 109 Jynnan Tonnyx following them in. In Race 8 Alice was first yet again but this time Nick and Adam Munday in their J 97 IndulJence got the better of Winston and came in second on corrected time ahead of them. Jiggery Pokery could not maintain recent form having had a very good day last time out.

In Class 2 the battle between Blazer and Erik the Red continues and this weekend was honours shared. Bernard Fyans in his Mustang 30 Erik the Red took first place in Race 7 followed home by Colin Woodruff in his Laser 28 Blazer with Christopher Burleigh in his First 27.7 Yogi, third. In Race 8 Blazer was first with Erik the Red second and William Bridge in his Gibsea 284 coming home third in Fusion III.

In Class 3 the J 92 J arrow had a good day with a win in both Race 7 and 8 but in the first one by only one second on corrected time form Andrew Campbell in his Bavaria 44 Faze 3. They were followed in by Ian Townsend and John Cooper in their J 92 Jammin for a third place. In Race 8 Faze 3 had another second place behind J arrow but this time followed by Paul King in his Hanse 370 Serendip 4 in third.

With just two races to go in three weeks time Alice is dominating Class 1 in the Series Results. Class 2 remains a battle between Blazer and Erik the Red but in Class 3 Faze 3 cannot afford to slip up in the last two races.

Just a reminder to everyone that Races 9 and 10 are on March 16th which is a Saturday instead of the usual Sunday so we look forward to seeing you all then. We have been very fortunate to get all the races in the series away so far so let us hope the weather gods are smiling on us on the 16th March for the last two in the series.