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Mascalzone Latino - Capitalia Team vs Desafio Espanol 2007 - Round Robin 2 rematch which was won by the Spaniards
ACM 2007/Carlo Borlenghi

From the website of writer and professional saiboat racer, Mark Chisnell (GBR) who is based in Valencia and provides a daily commentary on, which includes a real time blow by blow account of the match of the day:

The re-match - the Jury ordered this Flight 4 race to be re-sailed after Desafio pointed out that Mascalzone had used their topmast backstays downwind, after declaring prior to the start that they wouldn't...

Both boats won today's Flight 7 races prior to this one - read the account on - Desafio with the more convincing victory over Shosholoza. This one could decide the semi-final spot.

Mascalzone are in Blue, Desafio in Yellow...

Race Commentary

The split was 35s in the end and Desafio go home three points clear of Victory with a race in hand. We'll be back tomorrow for Flight 8.

So in the end, that sloppy attitude to the rules that started when Mascalzone only realised at the last minute that they had to measure the new boat before it left Italy, proceeded with the use of the wrong paint, and continued with the backstay fiasco that forced this resail, has proved to be very expensive. Desafio get the win...

Unfortunately it is a familiar pattern at the cross... all the time the finish line is getting closer. A four point day for Spain coming up, keeping those weekend spectators happy... And allowing me get out and do a few miles on the bike before dinner.

Mascalzone hold for a little while before they gybe away again. The breeze has softened a little, both boats pretty much in the middle of the course. And again John Cutler on Desafio is happy to let a bit of separation open before he goes back to follow Mascalzone on starboard, rather than initiate the gybe battle.

Unfortunately for the Italians, the Spanish lead is the same or better as they cross in front and gybe to leeward and ahead.

Mascalzone bounce off them back onto starboard, so the separation opens again. Desafio not anxious to turn this into a gybing frenzy, always the risk of tearing the spinnaker and turning a comfortable lead into a stress-fest. They've waited a couple of minutes before going back to starboard gybe, and Mascalzone immediately gybe with them hoping to force the error and make something happen out there.

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