Forest Gump's Mum - the illusion Valentine Trophy

Forest Gump's Mum always said, 'Life's like a box of chocolates . . . you never know what you're gonna get'. The lottery conditions of light, shifty air on Saturday confused most of us, but Raymond Simonds had a little card, with pictures on, which told him exactly what was what.

Bruce Huber borrowed this card once and both Robin Ebsworth and William Daniels were amongst those who managed to steal a glance and avoid getting stuck down the marzipan.

Sunday brought more glorious 'funshine' and a perfect 6 knot puff. Mark Downer was the most creative; he ran circles round everyone. Bruce regained his form and stuck to the safer toffees whilst Philip Bown proved that he is a long way from losing his teeth.

The results suggest that a variable wind can mix things up, but they also show that 'Momma Gump's chocolate box theory' has not been entirely thought through.

There were twenty four entrants over the sun-soaked weekend and every one of them, including the Race Officers, had a smile on their face. Lovely.

Leading results

1st Raymond Simonds
2nd Mark Downer
3rd Bruce Huber
4th Philip Bown
5th Rupert Holmes
6th Justin Biddle