For 24 Hours - just you, your mates and Lake Macquarie

A heavy squall hit final competitors in the last hours of the Heaven Can Wait 24-hour yacht race on Lake Macquarie, Sunday 2 October 2011.
The sixth annual Heaven Can Wait 24 Hour Race lived up to its reputation, with heavy winds and driving rain producing particularly testing conditions for the sailors in the second part of the race.

Bob Cowan’s Stealthy, the Stealth 8 sports boat this year skippered by World Volunteer of the Year Michael Cowan, sailed a teeth chattering 137.84 nautical miles, completing more than four laps of the Lake Macquarie course. Stealthy managed to sail to a four mile lead over Alyn Ovenden’s Adam Radford 52 Let’s go.

This was the second line honours win for Stealthy; she took the gun back in 2007.

After a hot shower Cowan was smiling. ‘Probably the toughest 24 hour race we’ve sailed. Another Team effort. It was a very wet ride, so much so that one auto-inflate life jacket inflated when its wearer was climbing into a bunk for a rest.

'The Specialist crew position 'Chief Beer Can Opener' proved critical in the last 30 mins of the race and it seems that looking forward to his bounty was our secret weapon' joked Cowan. 'We are looking forward to 2012 when we figure the sun will shine.’

In third place on the water was Alex Barnett’s Excalibur ahead of Ian ‘Nipper’ Henderson Mount Gay 30 Dora Creek Workers Terrar Too.

Fourth was the current HCW Virtual Race leader, David Rowe’s Hanse 375 Granny Jen.

On handicap Let’s Go was the division one winner from Terrar Too and Excalibur.

In Division 2 all the boats that completed the race, had started on their fourth lap by Sunday noontime, a mighty achievement in the conditions.

A brilliant effort from Brisbane sailor Charles Baker, who led his Queensland team to a line honours victory on their little Spider 22 Baker’s Dough, ahead of RMYCT Sailing Captain Mel Steiner and his Catalina 320, Emmenar. Third was Andrew Grover’s Jutson 30, Bindaroo.

Baker’s Dough was the handicap winner from Emmenar with Jeffrey Payne’s Radford 10.9 Serein third.

Charlie Baker was smiling when he came ashore. ‘We’ve enjoyed this trip south enormously and we have wanted to do this race since year one. This year we got out act together. We had a big night on Friday night, the Toronto locals lead us astray and we followed that with a very challenging 24 Hours, so we desperately need a big sleep tonight before heading home.'

Three yachts, Stealthy, Terrar Two and Heaven Can Wait Yacht Club's Vice Commodore Mark Cherrington’s Van de Stadt 34 Windchaser, have not only sailed in all six 24 Hours races but have managed to complete the race each year.

Dripping wet, once in the shelter of the Race Office Cherrington commented 'It was a war of attrition this year. The squalls just kept coming though. But our crew says they are SO looking forward to next year - the weather has to be better.’

Results below include Team Trophy Results

The seventh annual Heaven Can Wait 24 Hour and One Lap Dash will be again on the October Long Weekend in September 2012, well part of it at least.(The Labour Day holiday will actually be on Monday October 1st 2012)

The Saturday morning race start will be off Toronto on September 29th at 11am and the 24 Hour race will finish on Sunday 30th September at noon.

24 Hour RaceLine Honours Results          
Division 1           
Boat NameSail #DivTCF 2010Owners NameClassFinal Position LatitudeFinal Position LongitudeLapsLast BuoyTotal DistancePlace
StealthyRQ20211.010Bob CowanStealth 8 mtr33 02.82151 37.684Crangan137.841
Let's Go488310.900Alyn OvendenAdams/Radford 5233 07.02151 36.344Crangan133.502
ExcaliburM51210.910Alex BarnettAdams 1332 59.77151 37.394Belmont122.303
Dora Creek Workers Terrar Too9930/493010.860Ian HendersonMount Gay 3033 04.80151 36.834Wangi122.204
Granny Jen51110.825David RoweHanse 37532 59.74151 37.403Belmont111.495
Yes300010.900Phil KingBeneteau 42s7DNF     
Blue Lady895110.850Gary ChapmanChallenger 39DNF     
Division 2           
Boat NameSail #DivTCF 2010Owners NameClassFinal Position LatitudeFinal Position LongitudeLapsLast BuoyTotal DistancePlace
Baker's Dough6920.760Charles BakerSpider 2233 02.53151 37.424Coal Pt119.411
Emmenar568720.780Melvyn (Mel) SteinerCatalina 32033 01.58151 36.964Toronto117.482
Bindaroo492120.822Andrew GroverJutson 3033 00.26151 36.183Kooroora115.863
SereinYC37520.725Jeffrey PayneRadford 11.433 02.93151 37.853Crangan109.184
WindchaserM55120.680Mark CherringtonVan de Stadt 3433 05.16151 35.093Pulbah N94.145
X-Rated266520.690Graeme BookerSonata 2633 05.14151 36.033Wangi92.086
FarawayM13120.740Greg MackintoshFarr 1104DNF     
Kukka554720.980Andrew BowlesMalo 39 ClassicDNF     
JanessCC2920.720Jack LangloisCoral Coaster 29DNF     
NereusM1420.700Matthew SmithSwanson 32DNF     
SeamistNone20.690Nic HoskinCompass InnovatorDNF     
24 Hour RaceHandicap Results            
Division 1             
Boat NameSail #DivTCF 2011Owners NameClassFinal Position LatitudeFinal Position LongitudeLapsLast BuoyTotal DistanceCorrected Distance Place
Let's Go488310.900Alyn OvendenAdams/Radford 5233 07.02151 36.344Crangan133.5148.3333333 1
Dora Creek Workers Terrar Too9930/493010.847Ian HendersonMount Gay 3033 04.80151 36.834Wangi122.2144.2739079 2
ExcaliburM51210.892Alex BarnettAdams 1332 59.77151 37.393Belmont122.3137.1076233 3
StealthyRQ20211.010Bob CowanStealth 8 mtr33 02.82151 37.684Crangan137.84136.4752475 4
Granny Jen51110.825David RoweHanse 37532 59.74151 37.403Belmont111.49135.1393939 5
Yes300010.900Phil KingBeneteau 42s7DNF       
Blue Lady895110.850Gary ChapmanChallenger 39DNF       
Division 2             
Boat NameSail #DivTCF 2011Owners NameClassFinal Position LatitudeFinal Position LongitudeLapsLast BuoyTotal DistanceCorrected Distance Place
Baker's Dough6920.760Charles BakerSpider 2233 02.53151 37.424Coal Pt119.41157.1184211 1
Emmenar568720.780Melvyn (Mel) SteinerCatalina 32033.01.58151.36.963Toronto117.48150.6153846 2
SereinYC37520.725Jeffery PayneRadford 10.933 02.93151 37.853Crangan109.18150.5931034 3
Bindaroo492120.822Andrew GroverJutson 3033 00.26151 36.183Kooroora115.86140.9489051 4
WindchaserM55120.680Mark CherringtonVan de Stadt 3433 05.16151 35.093Pulbah94.14138.4411765 5
X-Rated266520.690Graeme BookerSonata 2633 05.14151 36.033Wangi92.08133.4492754 6
FarawayM13120.740Greg MackintoshFarr 1104DNF       
Kukka554720.980Andrew BowlesMalo 39 ClassicDNF       
JanessCC2920.720Jack LangloisCoral Coaster 29DNF       
NereusM1420.700Matthew SmithSwanson 32DNF       
SeamistNone20.690Nic HoskinCompass InnovatorDNF      


2011 Heaven Can Wait Regatta One Lap Dash

Division 1
BoatSail #SpinnakerRaceDivisionTCFSkipperFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrected TimePlace
Evergreen60Y110.875Mike Green15:23:174:23:173:50:221
Let's Go4883NBoth10.900Alyn Ovenden15:17:084:17:083:51:252
My Kindy14Y110.931Paul Sharp15:09:074:09:073:51:563
J Walk'n3535Y110.895Rod Mackay15:22:264:22:263:54:534
Dora Creek Workers Terrar Too9930/4930YBoth10.847Ian Henderson15:37:204:37:203:54:545
Excapade5223Y110.880Noel Gough15:26:594:26:593:54:576
Yes3000YBoth10.900Phil King15:21:174:21:173:55:097
Nervous50Y110.851Matt Bonser15:39:264:39:263:57:488
Zippier6311Y110.980Andrew Waugh15:05:234:05:234:00:299
Buckle Up22Y110.970Peter Winter15:08:284:08:284:01:0110
Alvin Rides Again8794Y110.930Mick Babbage15:20:104:20:104:01:5711
StealthyRQ202YBoth11.010Bob Cowan15:00:034:00:034:02:2712
ExcaliburM512YBoth10.892Alex Barnett15:43:594:43:594:13:1913
ASAP8920Y110.930Jeff Robinson15:33:344:33:344:14:2514
BreezinAus183Y111.000Brad Sewell15:16:334:16:334:16:3315
Aus13Racing.comAusY110.900Will Ryan15:47:074:47:074:18:2416
Granny Jen511YBoth10.825David Rowe16:15:245:15:244:20:1217
Gotta Love It 7AUS7 111.900Scott Babbage13:45:542:45:545:15:1318
Mothsquad3750 111.900Nathan Outteridge13:46:472:46:475:16:5319
Flying Hellfish3776 111.900Josh McKnight13:53:232:53:235:29:2620
Stonecutter3832 111.900Les Thorpe14:00:263:00:265:42:4921
Blue Lady8951 Both10.850Gary Chapman17:54:366:54:365:52:2522
Peanut's Dream3783 111.900Warren Sare14:08:193:08:195:57:4823
Wasp  111.800Bruce Gault14:36:273:36:276:29:3724
Johnny Drama3786 111.900Joel Castle15:25:554:25:558:25:1525
East Coast Marine & Sail3676 111.900Scott Beebydnf 
Division 2        
BoatSail #SpinnakerRaceDivisionTCFSkipperFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrected Time
Di'sy6744Y120.703Danny Gresham16:21:085:21:083:45:451
Imagine4114Y120.840Warwick Nichols/Steve Bull15:29:374:29:373:46:292
Forever Young5808Y120.800Adrian Williams15:46:554:46:553:49:323
Sapphire Lady3221Y120.775Bob Mitchell16:03:515:03:513:55:294
Baker's Dough69YBoth20.760Charles Baker16:10:445:10:443:56:095
Emmenar5687YBoth20.780Melvyn (Mel) Steiner16:06:135:06:133:58:516
SereinYC375Y120.725Jeffrey Payne16:30:215:30:213:59:307
Shades of Night5187N120.725Brian Meredyth16:30:295:30:293:59:368
Bob SledS13YBoth20.760Neil Hamilton16:15:545:15:544:00:059
Bindaroo4921YBoth20.822Andrew Grover15:52:274:52:274:00:2410
Manic59Y120.750Luke Booth16:26:475:26:474:05:0511
It's All Good510Y120.725John Longworth16:40:015:40:014:06:3112
ElixirRQ69Y120.840Peter Ebbeck15:57:524:57:524:10:1213
Gregarious4094Y120.696Greg Robinson17:03:556:03:554:13:1714
NereusM14Y2420.700Matthew Smith17:06:026:06:024:16:1315
WindchaserM551YBoth20.680Mark Cherrington17:25:456:25:454:22:1916
FarawayM131NBoth20.740Greg Mackintosh16:57:535:57:534:24:5017
X-Rated2665YBoth20.690Graeme Booker17:25:516:25:514:26:1418
Kukka5547YBoth20.680Andrew Bowles17:47:576:47:574:37:2419
JanessCC29N2420.720Jack Langlois17:51:356:51:354:56:2020
SeamistNoneN2420.690Nic Hoskin  
Division 3
BoatSail #SpinnakerRaceDivisionTCFSkipperFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrected Time
Viva La Vida169Y130.790Graeme Vivian14:28:273:28:272:44:411
SpindriftF916Y130.630Jim Gillan15:25:594:25:592:47:342
Solar Mist46N130.600Robert Phillips15:58:404:58:402:59:123
Bonnie Doon127N130.675Glenn Shepherd15:27:074:27:073:00:184
Gunsblazing16Y130.720Graham Walkerden15:15:134:15:133:03:455