Finn Europeans and Nacra 17 World Championship - Racing underway

Jake Lilley on day two of the Finn Europeans World Championship
At the Finn European Championship in Warnemunde, Germany, and the Nacra 17 World Championship in The Hague, Netherlands racing is now underway after a day lost due to a lack of breeze.

The Finn fleet’s patience on Monday was rewarded with three races contested in a building sea breeze, while at the Nacra 17 World Championship it was another stop start day, with one fleet managing to complete two races late in the day.

After three races Oliver Tweddell is the best placed Australian in the Finn fleet, with the Victorian currently 26th overall.

Tweddell was 41st in the first race of the regatta, before finishing 18th in race two and 38th in race three.

'It was nice to get so much breeze today considering how bleak the forecast was,' said Tweddell. 'The body is feeling worse off though as it was an extremely physical day of racing. It would be great to have this breeze for the rest of the week and as predicted we had some extremely tight and tricky racing with it taking many recalls before we were finally able to get our first race away.

'Unfortunately I was really off the pace today, throw in a lot of poor decisions and mistakes and it made for a very humbling day of racing,' he said. 'My coach John and I have highlighted these issues and look forward to correcting them over the rest of the week. I feel confident that once these issues are corrected I should be back on the pace.'

Fellow Australian Jake Lilley ended the day in 50th after being black flagged in the first race of the regatta and then finishing 21st and 23rd in the next two.

'It was a long day today with a lot of recalls and three races, making for about eight hours on the water,' said Lilley. 'Racing was challenging with the seabreeze fighting the gradient and packed starting lines. Today I picked up a black flag and two races in the low twenties and am optimistic about tomorrow as I learnt a lot today.'

Joe McMillan is currently in 61st following a 23rd, a 93rd and a 61st.

A race start on day two of the Nacra 17 World Championship World Championship

The 65 entries at the Nacra 17 World Championship have been split into two fleets, with the first fleet finally completing two races late in the day, in a light breeze and strong current.

Only one Australian crew was in action on Tuesday with Josh McKnight and Nina Curtis ending the day in 17th position after an 18th and a 15th.

Fellow Australians Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin, Euan McNicol and Lucinda Whitty, and Pip Pietromonaco and James Wierbowski will be hoping for more breeze on Wednesday to kick off their World Championship campaign.

Despite not getting any racing in on Tuesday the three crews spent time on the water in the early evening with the race committee unsuccessfully attempting to get a start away before the breeze disappeared.

Full results from the Finn Europeans can be found here, and the Nacra 17 World Championship results are here.
    Results Nacra17      
1GBR 56Lucy Macgregor, Tom Phipps0,0dnsdns
1FRA 65Moana Vaireaux, Manon Audinet0,0dnsdns
1GBR 60Ben Saxton, Hannah Diamond0,0dnsdns
1NED 46Elke Delnooz, Coen de Koning0,0dnsdns
1FRA 63Audrey Ogereau, Matthieu Vandame0,0dnsdns
1AUS 36Jason Waterhouse, Lisa Darmanin0,0dnsdns
1SUI 41Matias Buhler, Nathalie Brugger0,0dnsdns
1NED 40Mandy Mulder, Thijs Visser0,0dnsdns
1GBR 14Rupert White, Nikki Boniface0,0dnsdns
1USA 172Robbie Daniel, Sarah Streater0,0dnsdns
1RUS 163Maxim Semenov, Alena Pankratova0,0dnsdns
1NZL 109Nicole van der Velden, Tomer Simhony0,0dnsdns
1AUS 53Euan Mcnicol, Lucinda Whitty0,0dnsdns
1ESP 97Marc Verdaguer, Marina Lopez0,0dnsdns
1AUS 67Pip Pietromonaco, James Wierzbowski0,0dnsdns
1USA 171Sandra Tartaglino, Tripp Burd0,0dnsdns
1ITA 90Ferdinando Trambaiolo, Carlotta Gianni0,0dnsdns
1GER 10Stefan Rumpf, Anna Bettina Goos0,0dnsdns
1ITA 166Francesco Sabatini, Marcella Mamusa0,0dnsdns
1GBR 119Millie Newman, Tim Carter0,0dnsdns
1BUL 48Alexander Alexandrov, Maria Alexandrova0,0dnsdns
1GER 92Jakob Lenz, Susann Brechlin0,0dnsdns
1ARG 142Lucas Gonzalez Smith, Moira Gonzalez Smith0,0dnsdns
1AUT 160Guido Pasolini, Mercedes Zinnenburg0,0dnsdns
1DEN 17Allan Christensen, Nahid Gaebler0,0dnsdns
1ESP 18Adriana Romano, Jacobo Miquel0,0dnsdns
1FIN 167Ida Voutilainen, Anton Store0,0dnsdns
1FRA 83Flora Laugier, Antoine Joubert0,0dnsdns
1ITA 93Pietro Sibello, Lisa Rattemeyer0,0dnsdns
1NED 5Menno Vercouteren, Lynn Pieters0,0dnsdns
1NZL 159Gareth Moore, Vickery Francis0,0dnsdns
1SWE 82Sandra Sandqvist, Tomas Westergren0,0dnsdns
1URU 147Pablo Defazio, Mariana Foglia0,0dnsdns
34ITA 32Vincenzo Sorrentino, Barbara Rinauro9,035
35NZL 102Gemma Jones, Jason Saunders10,073
36AUT 35Thomas Zajac, Tanja Frank11,0110
37NED 44Renee Groeneveld, Karel Begemann11,029
38GBR 58Pippa Wilson, John Gimson12,057
39ITA 91Francesco Porro, Caterina Marianna Banti14,086
40ARG 149Cecilia Carranza Saroli, Esteban Blando19,0118
41VEN 168Yamil Saba, Andrea Saba20,0191
42FRA 43Billy Besson, Marie Riou23,0212
43USA 170Michael Easton, McKenzie Wilson27,01611
44SWE 12Tim Shuwalow, Hanna Klinga29,01217
45CAN 100Luke Ramsay, Nikola Girke30,0921
46ESP 16Toni Rivas, Laia Tutzo30,01713
47USA 104Sarah Newberry, John Casey30,01416
48ITA 107Elia Mazzucchi, Giorgia Catarci31,01318
49BRA 173Clinio de Freitas, Claudia Freitas32,01022
50AUS 57Josh McKnight, Nina Curtis33,01815
51ITA 55Federica Salva, Francesco Bianchi34,02212
52GER 8Maximilian Said, Tina Vercouteren37,02314
53ESP 108Iker Martinez, Tara Pacheo38,0dsq4
54ITA 37Vittorio Bissaro, Silvia Sicouri38,04dsq
55GBR 152Alicia Clifford, Tom Bruton39,01524
56RUS 164Sergey Dzhienbaev, Daria Ivanova40,06ret
57ARG 148Irina Pineyrua, Franco Greggi44,02420
58UKR 51Max Oberemko, Olga Maslivets47,02819
59SUI 88Stephanie Rosse, Michael Gloor50,02723
60HKG 9Tat Choi Fung, Yu Ting Chan52,02527
61ESP 20Elisabet Llaargues Masachs, Fabian Escude Lavit52,02626
62USA 169Taylor Reiss, Catherine Shanahan54,020dsq
63DEN 80Anne-Line Thomsen, Jacob Dannefer54,02925
64GER 19Julia Bleich, Niklas Meyer59,03128
65GBR 141Abby Zambinski, Sam Brearey64,030dsq

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