Father and son lead I-14 Worlds on Day 2

Andy and Tom Partington won race 2 of the International 14 World Championships by a barnstorming seven minutes, making the strong winds and enormous waves off Warnemunde look like a stroll in the park.

Such was the British horizon job in 16 to 22 knot winds that second placed Australians, 2005 World Champions Lindsay Irwin and Andrew Perry, thought they had won the race until they returned to shore to discover another boat had beaten them to it.

For all but the Partingtons, sailing a five-year-old M12 hull, this was a race of survival, of simply getting around the track in one piece. Yesterday's winners, Archie Massey and Matt Noble, were looking set for another great result in the top three until a capsize put them to seventh, although this is still good enough for them to be leading the regatta at this early stage. Worse was to come on the way back to shore when their rudder snapped, leaving them with an afternoon of intense boat work to be ready for race three the following day.

Another British team Douglas Pattison and Damian Ash started slowly but gradually wound themselves up to speed, surviving a mid-tack capsize and turning on the afterburners down the final two reaches to come in third, ahead of Aussies Dave Alexander and Cameron McDonald. Brit/Aussie combo Jarrod Simpson and Grant Rollerson also had a poor start to the race but came firing through the fleet to grab fifth in a close tussle for the minor placings.

Only 30 of the 90-boat international fleet managed to finish the race, but everyone had a story to tell, of capsizes, pitchpoles and cartwheels down the bumpy track.

For Wednesday the forecast is even stronger, and with the waves that roll past Warnemunde it could be too much for the fleet to race.

For the time being Archie Massey and Matt Noble hold the lead, although Aussies Roger Blasse and Andrew Gilligan have equal points in second place. Partingon and Irwin will be hoping that they can add to today's successful outing and shake off their poor results in race one.

Int. 14 Class Worlds 2008
Berliner Yacht-Club / Joersfelder Segel-Club e.V.
15.07.2008 15:20
RangLandSegel_NrSteuermann/Vorsch.Club1.Wettf2.WettfGes Pk
1GBR1519Archie Massey

Matt Noble
2AUS642Roger Blasse

Andrew Gilligan
3AUS653Alexander Dave

Cameron McDonald
4GBR1532Mike Lennon

Andy Rice
5AUS643Mark Krstic

Matt Lowe
6GBR1500Douglas Pattison

Damian Ash
7GBR1536Jarrod Simpson

Grant Rollerson
8GBR1538Martin Jones

Neale Jones
9GBR1517David Evans

Simon Hiscocks
10GBR1484Tom Heywood

Edward Clay
11USA1168Paul Galvez

Guillermo Leon De La Barra
12GER91Oliver Voss

Jens Holscher
13GBR1503Andy Partington

Tom Partington
14GBR1463Julian Pearson

Nick Martin
15AUS650Matt Balmer

Derek Layfieled
16GER221Stephan Heim

Benjamin Blanasch
17AUS644Stewart Vickery

Tim Withall
18GER28Georg Borkenstein

Eike Dietrich
19GER230Axel Reinsch

Felix Weidling
20GBR1534Chris Turner

Adam Ovington
21GBR1498Damon Roberts

Alan Roberts
22GER81Carmen Bernitt

Olli Holste
23GER88Peter Roocks

Ole Klingner
24GER96Bettina Möller

Jens Kulenkampf
25USA1177Ron Boehm

Pete Mohler
26GBR1495Charles Duchesne

Henry Maxfield
27GER215Mark Schuerch

Edda Thiessen
28GER232Stefan Lahmer

Götz Große
29GER185Daniel Theeß

Hannes Voigt
30GBR1425Kimball Morrison

Sam Spencer
31AUS649Lindsay Irwin

Andrew Perry
32GBR1520Katie Nurton

Nigel Ash
33GBR1528James Fawcett

George Nurton
34GBR1537Alister Richardson

Simon Wheeler
35AUS651David Hayter

Matt Johnstan
36GER78Jan-Christian Witte

Kai Lassen
37GER25Markus Ostermair

Moritz Klein
38GER75Sven Gräpel

Jan Reifferscheidt
39GBR1533Matthew Critchley

Dion Houghton
40GBR1531Andrew Penmann

Tim Bastow
41GER100Stefan Ritsche

Dominik Entzminger
42GBR1442Dicken Maclean

Sam Littlejohn
43GBR1494David Edge

Lee Arnison
44GER218Björn Frasch

Oliver Peter
45GBR1496Martin Pascal

Robin Pascal
46GBR1499Matt Larkin

Michael Barnes
47GER11Kai Kahm

Gerrit Schmitt
48AUS628Philip Strong

Jeffre Klemm
49GBR1497Tom Smedley

Charles Tavner
50GER97Lutz Scheulen

Stephan Koch
51GER7Marten Lau

Michael Voß
52AUT4Ivo Gonzenbach

Martina Müller
53JPN110Takashi Shimozato

Takahito Sato
54GER69Hannes Weininger

Felix Sitton
55GBR1509Adrian Williams

Spike Daniels
56AUT3Florian Hämmerle

Manuel Egele
57AUS345David McGeoch

Patrick McGeoch
58FRA11Xavier Boileau

Sarah Werner
59GER37Eike Ehrig

Jan-Martin Luehrs
60JPN117Yasutaka Uto

Satoshi Ishida
61JPN111Kenichi Hagiwara

Takao Washimo
62GER210Hannes Renzsch

Tobias Drews
63GER214Jörn Schulze

Sebastian Ladwig
64USA1147Terry Gleeson

Art Vasenius
65GBR1455James Allan

Aron Wellband
66SUI28Dominic van Essen

Simona Saccani
67AUT1Karsten Heinzle

Phillip Sulzer
68FRA18Richard Thibaud

Benjamin Vernieres
69GER20Michael Kienzler

Inge Gaebert
70GER489Tobias Merkel

Jakob Havn
71GBR1508Colin Smith

Peter Helm
72GER62Michael Krecek

Sören Hesse
73GER141Thomas Fischer

Daniel Bühler
74AUT2Alexander Müller

Joachim Jenewein
75GER6Sönke Hölter

Olaf Hölter
76GER50Peter Humpel

Klaus Wilfert
77GER52Mirco Wigger

Timo Wigger
78GER77Oliver Sommer

Roman Stenzel
79GER231Konstantijn van Empel

Steffen Kleinevoss
80GBR1477Paul Ravenhill

James Ravenhill
81GBR1485Alex Smith

George Cooke
82GER26Sylvia Welker

David Welker
83GER173Jürgen Buetow

Yvonne (US) Galvez-Haeusler
84GER192Helmut Jordan

Fiona Jordan
85USA1178Warren McArthur

Moritz Wiskemann
86GBR1535Peter Lloyd

Richard Parslow