Extreme 40 iShares takes on a summer thunderstorm

iShares Extreme 40. Photo: iShares/ Sabine Albers
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During her debut run on Australian waters, the iShares Extreme 40 was subjected to one of Australia's finest thunderstorms, dropping the temperature twelve degrees in ten minutes.

From 3-7 December the iShares Extreme 40, skippered by Nick Moloney, is in Sydney racing the 8 kilometres from Manly to the Opera House every day with different guests, including triple Olympic swimmer and double gold medallist Michael Klim, in a 'celebrity challenge'. The team who sails the fastest time for the week chooses a charity to donate $5,000 dollars to.

Fast, fun and fiscally responsible!

iShares in December 3 thunderstorm on Sydney Harbour. iShares/ Sabine Albers
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Extreme 40 on Sydney Harbour in a thunderstorm. iShares/ Sabine Albers
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