Every Club should have a Laser fleet!

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Laser 4.7s - the Australian nationals
This single handed dinghy, now celebrating its 40th year since its first sailed in 1970 has become a legend. ,(we feature parts 1 and 2 of the story of the Bruce Kirby design of the Laser below- it’s a great read!)

The Laser gives the junior sailors a sailing career path in an international recognised class. It caters for youth –girls and boys, women, the gun sailors, the masters, starting with the apprentices going right up to the great grand masters.

It is not hard to make sure your Club has all the benefits the Laser can bring.

Last weekend Belmont 16 foot Skiffs had a Laser 4.7 demo day, kids and parents came in droves and very soon there will be a vibrant Laser fleet at Belmont.

Affordable boats, easy to buy, trade and sell; the most popular sailing boat in the world. There are 190+ thousand reasons why your Club needs to have a fleet of Lasers.

Ask your Club to register NOW to have a Laser 4.7 Demo day this winter, by emailing jason@lasersailing.com.au.

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