Etchells Worlds 2012 - Day 5 and its Money time

Etchells Worlds Day 5 - early morning
Day 5 - two more races today on the Manly Circle off Sydney Heads and the battle royal will continue. Marblehead USA sailor Jud Smith, the 2006 Etchells World Champion and Sydney sailor Tom King, the 2000 470 Olympic Gold Medalist are locked together at the top of the leaderboard.

Yesterday King after a very consistent run sailed his drop and Smith squeaked into the lead. 2010 World Champion John Bertrand is now in third place and it will only need a few bad starts one each for leaders to put him atop the table and then its cllose behind those three.

Jud Smith3191351321913
Tom King2632214291415
John Bertrand5214638472126
Graeme Taylor411210710441232
Vince Brun72646415804634
Cam Miles12827337693336
Alistair Gair6305121211763046
David Clark272015813742747
Peter McNeil1191014613631449
Noel Drennan3010911021813051

Its seems it going to be a soft weather day, which should in theory favour King. However there was dew on the grass, which indicates there is enough temperature difference for a north easter, so we shall see if computer models or eye balls mark I win today.

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