Ernesto Bertarelli sails Le Black at Valencia

by media 

Ernesto Bertarelli has had his lake racer Le Black reassembled in Valencia and was out testing.

The original objective of this high performance light air speedster was to compete against trimarans in strong wind and against catamarans in light air. The 41 footer soon built up a winning pedigree claiming the Bol d’Or four times consecutively from 2000 to 2003.

Le Black boat was built for Bertarelli in 2000 for the famous Bol d'Or. It sailed for three years and since 2003 has been in a shed. Now Le Black will complete the Alinghi training platform.

'We are happy to have the boat back on the water and to be sailing it again. It is a very impressive boat and continues to be very competitive. Up until now, apart from the 60ft multi-hull, we have not had a very powerful platform to practice on. We still have a lot to learn and this boat will teach us a lot,' said boat captain Yves Detrey.

The 64ft Le Black was designed by Jo Richards and Sébastien Schmidt.