EUROSAF 2K Club Championship of Europe unveiled

A Maxfun 25 keelboat as used for the EUROSAF 2K Club Championship of Europe
Batavia SC
A new championship for a growing discipline within European sailing has now been announced. The EUROSAF 2K Club Championship of Europe is set to take place from 21st to 23rd June at the Match and Team Sailing Centre in Lelystad, Holland. The event will be organised by the EUROSAF 2K Club Championship of Europe.

This is a brand new sailing event, bringing together some of the top sailing clubs and sailors in Europe, for three days of two keelboat (2K) team racing. The championship is being held at the Batavia Sailing Centre, as part of the Batavia Regatta, an annual international keelboat event, sailed from Batavia Harbour at Lelystad.

Action from a 2K Team Racing Event
John Friend
There has been a lot of activity around Europe in 2K team racing over the winter months, focused on expanding the sport to more countries and improving the standards of those who already compete in the discipline. Much of this activity has been based around some of the leading sailing clubs in Europe, which is why EUROSAF decided that a club championship of Europe would be an excellent development within the sport.

2K team racing is a very competitive discipline within sailing, with short, sharp and close racing. Teams are made up of six sailors, a maximum four from any gender, so it is usual to see men and women racing together, on an equal basis, which is a positive aspect of the sport. There is on-water umpiring, resulting in instant decisions concerning any infringement of the rules. The opportunity for spectators to get close to the racing in Lelystad is excellent, because it will be possible to watch all the racing from the shore, and even for non-sailors, it is easy to follow the progress of the racing.

Entry is by invitation. Details of how to apply for an invitation are included in the Notice of Race.

The Notice of Race is now published and available online here. For further information on EUROSAF, click here.

EUROSAF also organise the Champions Sailing Cup, a new series for Olympic Classes, which incorporates five regattas around Europe.