Do the sparkling waters let the young stars shine at the 420 titles?

Fin Gilbert and Louie Collins on Bruce could well do with some more consistency, but know how to be on the podium. - 420 Australian Championships
Sailing on the majestic waters off Sorrento on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula is always a delight. The 420's are conducting their Australian Championships here currently and with the focus for Australia's Challenge for AC35 on youth, there is more than enough attention being lavished on these junior sailors. Whether they will come from dinghies or skiffs, tomorrow's stars may well be shining here already, even if they have not gone supernova yet. With crews also attending from New Zealand and Hong Kong, it is a great way to see how the Asia Pacific region is performing, as well.

There are just two races to go and leading the open and also the boys division are Emerson Carlberg and Lachlan Gilmour (now there's an AC name...) from WA on Affordable Sophistication. The girls are being lead by WA's Nia Jerwood and Lisa Smith, with NZL's first representatives in Sam Barnett and Zak Merton in third overall and second in the boy's category. HKG's leading crew are Callum Gregor and Hugo Christensson, who are currently in 18th place. See for more information.

jumping on to Port tack after the start are our leaders, Emerson Carlberg and Lachlan Gilmour. - 420 Australian Championships

Xavier Winston-Smith and Joshua Dawson who are holding second place for now. - 420 Australian Championships

Sam Barnett and Zak Meron from NZL, sitting in third place for now. - 420 Australian Championships

WA's Nia Jerwood and Lisa Smith are leading the girls' division. - 420 Australian Championships

Hong Kong's Sui Lun Tse and Ho Yin Chik are 16th overall and first of the Hong Kong fleet. - 420 Australian Championships

Callum Gregor and Hugo Christensson from Hong Kong are just behind their compatriots and sit in 18th place. - 420 Australian Championships

James Hodgson and Klaus Lorenz on, Rockstar, currently in fourth place. - 420 Australian Championships

James Griffin and Conor Campbell aboard, Blaze It. - 420 Australian Championships

Dana Tavener with Catherine Pagett on Jet, just behind New Zealand's Cameron Moss and Taylor Balogh. - 420 Australian Championships