Day Skipper & Boatmaster Unit Standards increase in Value

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For those considering a career in the marine industry, be it a boat builder, ship's captain or crewing on a super yacht, the recently revised increase in unit standards for Coastguard Boating Educations Day Skipper & Boatmaster courses will provide a tangible pathway towards their goal. Units can also contribute towards NCEA.

The revised units have undergone number changes. Level 2 Day Skipper, previously referred to as 6915, now has a value of 6 credits and has been renamed 26542. Level 3 Boatmaster (previously 6914) is now 26541 and is worth 16 credits.

Both Day Skipper and Boatmaster courses are nationally recognised and are held in high regard by many employers. Day Skipper is a 15 hour course as opposed to 30 hours for Boatmaster.

In both courses the student will learn the rules and regulations, correct equipment to carry on board, emergencies, boat handling, navigation and rope work.

The Boatmaster course is more in depth and expands in particular on the navigation module comprehensively covering chart work and navigation techniques.

Dayskipper Manual cover
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