Darren Choy and Niki Blassar share honours at the Byte CII Worlds

Niki Blassar, winner in Women’s fleet and Darren Choy, 2009 World Champion and winner in Men’s fleet, share the Inuit sculpture which is the Permanent World’s Trophy. Presenting is Jean Pierre Champion, President of the French Sailing Federation.
Philippe Guegan, Voile et Voiliers
Darren Choy of Singapore won what turned out to be the final race of the Championship when the final two scheduled races were abruptly cancelled as the wind suddenly built to 30 knots in a matter of minutes during the starting sequence for the third race and was soon followed by crashing seas.

This was his second consecutive World's win and it was done with incredible consistency in a wide range of conditions. No one else was close as he finished 36 points clear of the second place finisher, Ian Barrows of the US Virgin Islands who was coming off a win in the NA and Caribbean Qualifier in Cayman three weeks prior. Third place went to Kaarle Tapper of Finland who had previously qualified his Country with a second place finish in the European Championships in Imperia, Italy.

Ian Barrows US Virgin Islands 2nd, Darren Choy Singapore the winner and Kaarle Tapper Finland 3rd. 2010 Byte CII Worlds
Philippe Guegan, Voile et Voiliers

In the women's event, the racing went down to the wire. Lara Vadlau AUT lead by two points going into the last day but the early series leader, Niki Blassar FIN had two seconds to Lara's two fifths and ended up winning the Championship by four points. Both competitors had qualified their country in the European's, Lara in second and Niki in fourth. Third place in this Championship went to Netherland's sailor Daphne van der Vaart, also a qualifier in the Europeans in third place.

Lara Vadlau Austria 2nd, Niki Blassar, Finland, the winner and Daphne van dae Vaart, Netherlands 3rd. 2010 Byte CII Worlds
Philippe Guegan, Voile et Voiliers

This Championship was also a final Open Qualifier for the World Youth Olympics in Singapore. Six male places and six female places were open for countries that had hitherto not qualified in their Continental Qualifier. These places were won as follows:

Male: Ukraine, Slovenia, Portugal, Turkey, France, Switzerland
Female: Denmark, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine

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