Cumbley beats frostbite to win Solo Winters

Solo Winters 2008
Despite severe weather warnings around the country, 59 helms came from as far a field as Largo Bay SC in Scotland and Teign Corinthian in Devon to compete in the Solo Winters.

The final race positions, and the Championship were decided upon the outcome of a protest, however Charlie Cumbley took first place, Ewan Birkin-Walls second and Andy Davies third.

The bitterly cold day was offset, by some exciting completive sailing in force 3-4 winds. Slick race management kept everybody on their toes, and by running all three races back to back everybody was kept relatively warm.

In Race 1 Will Loy was first to the windward mark, a position he was to hold until the next beat, when he was overtaken by the Current National Champion, Andy Davies, who held on to take the race, with Will second, and Kevan Gibb in third Place.

Race 2 was taken convincingly by Charlie Cumbley, With Kevan Gib in second place and Ewan Birkin-Walls from Grafham in third. At this point the Championship was wide open with three helms all on 5 points tying for first place.

The final race positions, and the Championship were decided upon the outcome of a protest, however Charlie Cumbley took first place, Ewan Birkin-Walls second and Andy Davies third.

Solo - Final Overall Results

1st4858Charlie CumbleyTeign Corinthion YC(5.0) 
2nd4857Andy DavisChase SC1.0(4.0) 
3rd4506Ewan Birkin-WallsGWSC(13.0) 
4th4517Kevan GibbLargo Bay SC3.02.0(14.0)19.05.0 
5th4718Paul RaysonFishers Green SC(16.0) 
6th4578Neil WilkinsonShustoke SC10.0(13.0) 
7th4610Nick EavesBartley SC(24.0) 
8th4835Will LoyLittleton2.014.0(60.0 DNC)76.016.0 
9th4866Simon JonesTeign Corinthian(26.0) 
10th4761Cliff CrawshoreCorus SC(12.0) 
11th4832David McGregorHayling Island SC8.0(9.0) 
12th4844Stuart HydonShustoke SC7.0(12.0) 
13th4698Tony CooperKing George SC9.0(10.0) 
14th4833Ian HarridgeNantwich(37.0) 
15th3620Alistair McMillanHollowell SC(23.0) 
16th4861Chris BrownRYA4.021.0(60.0 DSQ)85.025.0 
17th4571Mark MaskellFishers Green11.0(25.0) 
18th4606Mark LeeSpinnaker6.0(26.0) 
19th4847A McGawKing George SC15.017.0(27.0)59.032.0 
20th4357Richard PyeDraycote Water17.015.0(60.0 DNC)92.032.0 
21st4703Clive EvansSpinnaker14.0(27.0) 
22nd4327Stephen DenisonHollingworth Lake SC18.018.0(25.0)61.036.0 
23rd4581Derek JackmanChichester YC(33.0) 
24th4714Mike BallPapercourt S C(28.0) 
25th4441Andrew Voysey 19.0(37.0) 
26th4669Nick RawlingsHayling Island SC21.020.0(23.0)64.041.0 
27th4741Steve JonesLittleton SC(53.0) 
28th4735Daniel GoodmanKingsmead SC(48.0) 
29th4772Mike WilkieLittleton SC(31.0) 
30th4548Tony HananRYA27.022.0(60.0 DNC)109.049.0 
31st3814Peter McCreaDraycote Water25.0(32.0) 
32nd4730Keith SmithKing George SC34.0(60.0 DNC)24.0118.058.0 
33rd4738Alastair RaynardCarsington SC29.0(33.0) 
34th3663Dave SmithHollingworth Lake SC(46.0)30.033.0109.063.0 
35th4342Ross LonsdaleWest Oxfordshire SC32.031.0(60.0 DNC)123.063.0 
36th4409Simon DeeksShustoke SC20.044.0(60.0 DNC)124.064.0 
37th4487Richard SiggersShustoke SC(43.0)35.031.0109.066.0 
38th4784Rob MarlowShustoke SC(36.0)34.032.0102.066.0 
39th4794Robert CartwrightBlithfield SC(44.0)36.039.0119.075.0 
40th4865Tom LonsdaleWest Oxfordshire SC(47.0)39.037.0123.076.0 
41st4072Richard FrayShustoke SC38.0(40.0)38.0116.076.0 
42nd4853Martin AllenBewl Valley SC(42.0)41.036.0119.077.0 
43rd4291Mike ClarkeN Herts & E Beds41.038.0(60.0 DNC)139.079.0 
44th1302Ed NicklinFishers Green(60.0 OCS)47.034.0141.081.0 
45th4766Derek GibbLargo Bay SC22.0(60.0 DNC)60.0 DNC142.082.0 
46th4550Richard ButterfieldNorthampton SC40.042.0(60.0 DNC)142.082.0 
47th4031Alison EavesCorus SC(49.0)43.040.0132.083.0 
48th4843Hannah ShowellShustoke SC39.045.0(60.0 DNC)144.084.0 
49th4758Peter WithringtonRickmansworth SC(50.0)46.041.0137.087.0 
50th4810Andrew SmithDraycote SC(60.0 DNC)60.0 DNC28.0148.088.0 
51st4837Nigel PybusDraycote Water30.0(60.0 DNC)60.0 DNC150.090.0 
52nd1252Richard ChristmasHunts SC(51.0)48.042.0141.090.0 
53rd4207S J ChiltonYorkshire Ouse SC(54.0)50.043.0147.093.0 
54th4850Joe McLaughlinTamesis SC(60.0 DNC)60.0 DNC35.0155.095.0 
55th4589Ian AyresRollesby Broad SC35.0(60.0 DNC)60.0 DNC155.095.0 
56th4267Rob JacksonNorthampton SC52.049.0(60.0 DNC)161.0101.0 
57th4040John DanielsLlandegfedd45.0(60.0 DNC)60.0 DNC165.0105.0 
58th3838Paul SharrockGWSC55.052.0(60.0 DNC)167.0107.0 
59th4762Anthony O'ConnorKing George SC(60.0 DNC)51.060.0 DNC171.0111.0