Contenders mix it up at Sail Sydney

They're off! - Sail Sydney 2011
Robin Evans
The NSW State Championships for the Contenders are being held at Sail Sydney over the weekend and the first day saw mixed breeze with not much over 10knots from the east taking the fleet around the course.

The competitors are from around the country with the New South Welshmen wincing at the moment having a Queenslander at the top of the board and a, err… Capital Territorian at third. (I asked Google what to call someone from the ACT. One answer was a Capital Territorian; the other was ‘bored’).

Richard Kingsmill (QLD) took two bullets out of the three races held today with a third in the first. Kingsmill sails Riva Derci and though my Italian is rusty I am sure that means he is farewelling the rest of fleet as they settle in his wake. He now has a four point lead over the lone local in the top three, David Leask sailing Pertaringa Wines into second on nine points.

Paul Cohen from the ACT took his Blonde Bombshell into third with a first, fourth, and fifth before another few other NSW sailors, Mathew Vandervoort, Alan Griffith and Jonathan Vandervoort appropriately surrounded the ACT.

Further down the board another Cane Toad, Trevor Monaghan, hopped into seventh place gamely trying to get maroon back into the line up.

Tomorrow it could all change as the competitors at Sail Sydney face potential gusting 18 knots for the final day of their State Championships.

By the way, Google also tells me ‘Single-handed’ means sailed by only one person so maybe we can get some extra cockroaches to help out.

Make sure you get my good side... - Sail Sydney 2011
Robin Evans

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Robin Evans

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Robin Evans

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Robin Evans

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