Clipper race 10 - Another win for Hull & Humber

Hull & Humber wins Race 10 to Jamaica in Clipper 07-08

Another win for Hull & Humber in the Clipper 07-08 Round the World Yacht Race when they crossed the finish line at Folly Point lighthouse, Jamaica to take their fourth victory from ten completed races. Just 57 seconds separated Hull & Humber and second placed New York in the race from Panama to Jamaica. All ten entries have now finished the 590-mile race leg.

Crossing the finish line running a mile due north of Folly Point lighthouse, Port Antonio, Jamaica, at 22:23:29 local time (03:23:29 GMT) Hull & Humber brought to an end three days of fast and furious racing, beating New York by the narrowest of margins in the 590-mile race from Colon, Panama.

Eight of the ten internationally-backed yachts were in sight of each other as the fleet raced towards Port Antonio, the leading pack separated by 13 miles or less for much of the last 24 hours. The skippers pushed crews and boats hard to gain every extra knot of speed to put distance between themselves and the opposition.

The victory extends Hull & Humber's lead over New York to three and a half points, with Glasgow: Scotland with style Clipper, who finished third in Race 10, ten points behind the English team.

Port Antonio on Jamaica's northern coast is Jamaica's third largest port and one of the island's most important tourist attractions. Now a centre for eco-friendly projects and untouched by mass tourism, it became a boom town in the 1880s after the beginning of the banana trade and promotion of the port as a destination for wealthy American travellers.

It was glamorised by Hollywood as a model of paradise in the 1940s and 50s, an image reinforced by the arrival of movie star Errol Flynn when his yacht washed ashore in bad weather. His house on Navy Island overlooks Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio where the Clipper fleet is berthed for the duration of the stopover in Jamaica.

The race will restart from Port Antonio on Saturday 24 May at 14:00 local time (19:00 GMT). The boats will leave Errol Flynn Marina at 12 noon (17:00 GMT) and sail in formation past Folly Point where spectators will be able to have an excellent view of Jamaica and the other nine yachts in the Clipper 07-08 fleet.

Clipper - Finish order at Jamaica

1 Hull & Humber
2 New York
3 Glasgow:Scotland with style
4 Qingdao
5 Liverpool 08
6 Uniquely Singapore
7 Durban 2010 and Beyond
8 Jamaica
9 Nova Scotia

Clipper - Overall order after Jamaica finish

1 Hull & Humber 62 pts
2 New York 59.5 pts
3 Durban 2010 and Beyond 55 pts
4 Glasgow:Scotland with style 55 pts
5 Liverpool 08 46.5 pts
6 Uniquely Singapore 42 pts
7 41 pts
8 Nova Scotia 40.5 pts
9 Qingdao 39.5 pts
10 Jamaica 22 pts