China poised for Olympic Sailing history

Yin Jian (CHN)
Hong Kong sailor Lee Lai-shan won Women’s windsurfing gold in Atlanta in 1996, showing that lightly framed Asian sailors had the physique to win on the ‘planks; and since then China has been hunting for medals. China has already won two Olympic silver medals in widsurfing, with Zhang Xiaodong in Barcelona in 1992 and Yin in Athens in 2004 and today's Laser Radial bronze won by Qingdao's own Lijia Xu .

This afternoon RS: X series leader Yin Jian (CHN) won the final race of the 2008 Beijing Olympic ten race RS: X sailing regatta afternoon, putting her five points ahead of Alessandra Sensini (ITA) who is just three points of Britain’s Bryony Shaw, with Australia’s Jessica Crisp, five points behind her.

In tomorrow’s Yin Jian will receive enormous support from China supporters, poised as she is to make Olympic sailing history. She is already a Chinese superstar, attracting more and more media in the post race scrum. She’s found it impossible to carry her windsurfer to the boat park because of the pressing media throng and tomorrow will be a huge day.

The RS:X Womens Medal race will possibly the most watched Olympic sailing event in history, and will for many of the audience be the first time they have watched a sailing event.

Perhaps it’s just as well that by their nature wind surfers do not lend themselves to match racing, because the sailor who pumps harder, goes faster and so the large crowds cheering for their local heroine will be spared the unedifying spectacle of the series leader hunting the second placed sailor and sailing them out of the regatta.

Yin Jian says ‘I am not confident in light conditions.’ but her competitors and her race result say otherwise.

Senseni was being realistic today when she commented ‘The Chinese girl is great in light wind and she is physically stronger than I am, so I will just have to go and try my best. ‘

The Australian Crisp, says ‘Yin Jian ands I are strongest in light winds, we pump hardest, so I might be fourth now but I know I can improve my position tomorrow.’

RS:X - Women - Overall Results
1CHNJian Yin11133-1378814633
2ITAAlessandra Sensini6291-28322586638
3GBRBryony Shaw43116-28653126941
4AUSJessica Crisp2438189-14656046
5ESPMarina Alabau35525-1185495746
6NZLBarbara Kendall127124243613-218463
7POLZofia Klepacka-171617542113178366
8UKROlga Maslivets56-141110141212128773
9HKGWai Kei Chan101061371267-1448975
10ISRMaayan Davidovich139-209131416491011797
11FRAFaustine Merret8-281071119171873128100
12BULIrina Konstantinova Bontemps-18881518171010213119101
13JPNYasuko Kosuge91241714-181811107120102
14NORJannicke Stalstrom7-2821291015132118135107
15GREAntonia Athena Frey15151610-1951191511126107
16FINTuuli Petaja14117-16161612161114133117
17CANNikola Girke11141314121513-281815153125
18BRAPatricia Freitas201315-236721171620158135
19DENBettina Honor211821182091415-226164142
20THANapalai Tansai161718-2482219232323193169
21CYPGavriella Chadjidamianou192223221523-25222016207182
22HUNDiana Detre222019212225-26201719211185
23MEXDemita Vega232125251721201919-26216190
24RUSTatiana Bazyuk2423241921202221-2524223198
25ARGFlorencia Gutierrez27192720232623-282427244216
26USANancy Damian Rios252422262427-28282622252224
27TURSedef Koktenturk26252627-282424282725260232