China Sea Race boats - we can see you!

Shayne Gent, Pole Star Space Applications Ltd
Pole Star Space Applications and Skywave Mobile Communications delivers a satellite tracking solution for RHKYC China Sea Race 2006

For the first time, shore-based fans of the 2006 China Sea Race located anywhere in the world will have the opportunity to follow the action online thanks largely to Pole Star Space Applications and their 'Purplefinder' web based tracking and monitoring system.

Race enthusiasts can go to
to receive updates every two hours during the race. Pole Star has equipped each of the racing boats with SkyWave’s dependable DMR200 satellite transceivers so theycan be tracked anywhere and anytime.

Pole Star’s positional data is managed through its web-based Fleet Management
System, powered by PurpleFinder, originally developed in conjunction with BP
Shipping. It utilises various satellite transceiver hardware models to provide either a basic entry level unit for those seeking minimum functionality or a more sophisticated model incorporating more features, such as integrated battery backup, to a fully-fledged vessel tracking system incorporating marine chart mapping with zoom capability and global weather forecasting.

A significant benefit of Pole Star's Purplefinder solution is the increase in safety for the boats involved should they lose radio contact or retire from the race, enabling race participants to focus on the challenges of the China Sea Race. The Purplefinder system allows race organisers to Poll any of the boats to receive a real time position report should there be any type of emergency.

Pole Star provides its customers with solutions that enable them to monitor and manage their assets in remote and hostile environments: Purplefinder is generally associated with the commercial marine sector and the supply of Ship Security Alert systems (SSAS) and Fleet Management solutions.

However 'Pole Star is not new to the leisure marine market', explains Shayne Gent, Pole Star’s Asia Pacific Sales Manager. 'We have a number of Yacht Management companies as customers, including Fraser Yachts Worldwide, Horizon Yachts and Yachting Partners International. We supply them with a simple and effective means to track their assets in a reliable manner. We also supply solutions for land and aeronautical sectors.'

'We are very excited to be involved in the RHKYC’s 2006 China Sea Race and we
are pleased to be able to offer our Purplefinder solution for this year’s event. We wish all of the 27 competing boats the best of luck and safe sailing.'

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