Call to ocean-loving sailors - event in Mooloolaba

OceansWatch, not just thinking, but doing!
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If you are a sailor interested in your ocean environment and its health, would like to help its future and are anywhere within reach of Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane, here is an event that could be rewarding both to you and your ocean.

On the third of December, OceansWatch - the non-profit organisation which is dedicated to what sailors can do about preserving our fragile ocean and helping those who live beside it to do the same - are having a day JUST FOR YOU!

The idea of the day is to get together and learn and share knowledge about ocean and coral reef conservation, and also learn some basic skills so if you come on an OceansWatch program sometime, you will feel semi -prepared!!

Even if this might never happen, you'll come away knowing more about the ocean, more on the state of our coral reefs and more sailing skills.

So here are the details:
Date: 3rd December, 2011
Place: The Sunshine Coast Yacht Club, Mooloolaba Queensland (Parkyn Pde)
Time: 9am – 4pm

What we will be doing:
• Looking at the current state of the ocean and what is happening in ocean conservation
• Updating our members on what Oceanswatch is doing and our progress in the communities we are working with
• Talking about Reef Resilience and what is threatening our reefs
• Having some basic theory and skills about sailing
• Going out for a sail to test your skills!!

This day is for you, the environmentally aware sailor, so it is complimentary. All OceansWatch ask is that you bring lunch and any friends you would like to come, and RSVP to

If you would like to become a member of OceansWatch before the event, or even if you can't attend the event, email To learn more about OceansWatch,!click_here, or for immediate answers, phone 07 5485 3909 - (and tell them Sail-World sent you.)

Remember, the Ocean is the womb where the first life on earth was born. If we destroy our ocean it is like killing our mother. It is not too late, but soon it might be...