CYA votes to change name

SAIL Canada
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The Canadian Yachting Associations annual general meeting concluded Saturday with an afternoon vote to change the association's name. An overwhelming vote in support of the motion to change the name of the 74 year old organization to SAIL Canada was recorded, which allowed the national group to begin to align its positioning alongside many other national governing bodies in the sport.

The move was prompted by a renewed effort to begin to collaborate in its efforts across its training, coaching, judging and high performance disciplines allowing it to better brand, build and grow the sport's awareness nationally in Canada.

The annual meeting agenda included an impressive task list for the delegates that represented all disciplines of the sport. Executive directors and provincial Presidents attended alongside their training, officials and judges and high performance colleagues.

Another highlight of the meetings included a solid review of Canada's high performance team by Ken Dool, the country`s high performance director.

Building depth in sailing, aligning North American competitions, working on grass roots and a unique sailor combine concept were presented. SAIL Canada is clearly beginning in its efforts to address its dispapointing results from London with a very positive approach including a gold medal pathway, emphasis on coach development and a disciplined approach to identify and nurture talent.

SAIL Canada will remain headquartered in Kingston, Ontario.