CORK Olympic Classes Regatta - Light but steady breeze on day 1

CORK Olympic Classes Regatta
Boatyard Photography
The first day of Cork Olympic Classes Regatta (OCR) has finished. It was light but steady breeze with winds from the South West.

The 49er, 49er FX and the I14’s provided great entertainment for the spectators off the pier on the Mike course. They were able to complete 3 races today and headed in around 4:30 pm. In speaking with the sailors while the winds were a little shifty, they enjoyed the course and were pleased with how the races where managed. The Windsurfers were able to get in four races.

The Radial, Laser and the Finn fleets each had 3 races. The sailors found it tough especially the Laser’s and Finn’s as they were looking for stronger breeze

Stop by tomorrow as one of our sponsors Samsung Canada, has set up their 85 inch Series 9 Ultra High Definition TV. Courtesy of photographers David Hein and Geoff Webster their pictures will be on display. You may also catch a National team coach completing his debrief with some video from today’s racing.

Don’t forget to drop by tomorrow to watch the Radial fleet competing on the spectator course.

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 49erFX Race Results, CORK 2013  
  Sat. 5:11 pmPROVISIONAL  
CORK 2013 - 49erFX Class Results, LOWPOINT Scoring SystemData as of Saturday 17 August 2013 at 5:11 pm - Subject to Protest
Pos.SailSkipper + CrewPointsSat.Sat.Sat.  Country & Club
1812RAFUSE, ERIN / Danielle Boyd5.00113  CAN NS Halifax,RNSYS/KYC
2819MORGAN, ARIELLE / Heather Myatt9.00621  CAN QC Westmount,RSTLYC
31210BERRY, ERIN / Lauren Laventure11.00245  CAN BC Victoria,RVICYC
41214LANE, KRISTEN / Christine Neville12.00354  USA CA Tiburon,ST. FRANCIS YC
5826HENKEN, PARIS / Helena Scutt13.00436  USA WA Kirkland,SEATTLE YC, ST
69BORDON, LAURA / Marie-Pier Alary14.00572  CAN QC Luskville,BYC/EVO
7711MOORE, JOANNA / Alexandra Edgar21.00768  CAN BC West Vancouver,EHYC/RVYC
8807CUTHBERTSON, MORGAN / Madelaine Lott23.00887  CAN ,

49er Race Results, CORK 2013  
  Sat. 5:11 pmPROVISIONAL  
CORK 2013 - 49er Class Results, LOWPOINT Scoring SystemData as of Saturday 17 August 2013 at 5:11 pm - Subject to Protest
Pos.SailSkipper + CrewPointsSat.Sat.Sat.  Country & Club
11268LADHA, JON / Daniel Inkpen5.00113  CAN NL St.Phillip's,RNYC
21383DOWNING, ZACK / Zach Brown6.00231  USA CA Leucadia,SDYC
31202MACDONALD, TYLER / Michael Deady9.00522  USA CA Menlo Park,STFYC, RYC, NHY
4817BARROWS, THOMAS / Joe martis17.00494  USA ,
5905MORI, DAVID / Justin Barnes20.003116  CAN ON Oakville,RCYC
6311FERGUSON, JOHN / Arthur Ferguson20.006410  CAN ON Toronto,RCYC
71135EHVERT, PETER / Paul Ehvert22.001057  CAN ON Toronto,RCYC
81269GUSTIN, SAM / Ian Woodbury24.007611  CAN BC Coquitlam,RVYC
91070CREPEAU, BERNARD / Jean Luc Robitaille25.00979  CAN QC Québec,
1098SPACEMAN, DR. LEONARD / Tej Trevor Parekh28.008128  CAN QC Dorva,RSTLYC
11514BRODEUR, MICHAEL29.0011135  CAN ,BYC
121075THROOP, PAUL / ALEX THROOP35.0015812  CAN ON burlington,
13778FRANZ-HERNANDEZ, DANIEL / Zacharias Mesman41.00171014  CAN BC Vancouver,RVYC
141074RYAN, GARETH / Andrew Brazier44.00161513  CAN ON toronto,RCYC
151042KAYSER, SEAN / Ryan O'donnell44.00131615  CAN Ottawa,NSC
16185HOWARTH, MICHAEL / Leigh Howarth45.00121716  CAN ON Burlington,BSBC
171139CARLTON, TOMMY / Matthew Sullivan49.00141817  CAN ON Thornhill,KYC
18500TOLAND, JACK / Andrew Colebrook51.00191418  USA WA Kirkland,ROYAL VANCOUVER
19019MAGNUSON, ERIC / Eric Magnuson57.00182019  USA CT Stamford,
2009LOWTHER, ANTHONY / william kelly60.00R211920  CAN ,
21049BEATON, COLIN / Geordie Miller64.00222121  CAN ,BYC
22CAN604SUGAR, GEOFF / Thomas Heine66.0021OCS22  CAN ON Toronto,SLYC