C-Tech from New Zealand regains lead in 18 ft Skiff World Ranking

C-Tech from New Zealand has struck back and regained the lead in the World Ranking, at least for the next week until Gotta Love it 7 will get to the top for the first time with a clean win of the N.S.W.Championship.

A good performance in the backyard of the Australians at the JJ.Giltinan brings Alex Vallings, Josh McCormack and Pete Burling back into the Pole Position of the gliding World Ranking.

The best performance in years from Europe brings Team Pica from UK with Jamie and Steward Mears plus Tristan Hutt on a sixth place in the world ranking. Boys, we are proud!

JJ Giltinan 2013 - Gotta Love It 7

UK's Pica in Full Flight on the Last Run

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