C-Pod for Total Yacht Security-Product of the Week

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You’ll never have to fret about your boat again if everything Pilotfish says about their new product is true. The beer will even be cold for your arrival. C-pod is a Yacht Management System, where you can survey and manage your yacht via the web or a mobile phone. The C-pod is your 'eyes and ears' onboard.
If something should occur onboard, such as battery shortage, high water level, intrusion or fire, you will receive a notification instantly. You can also use the C-pod to remotely switch on equipment such as heating or refrigerator.
All communication is managed through a central server and you can yourself choose recipients of the alarms and warnings, which ensures that you never miss one. Other recipients may be, for example: your yacht club, harbour master, Uncle Fred or an assistance company
The C-pod is equipped with GeoFence, which triggers an alarm if your yacht is moved more than 250 metres without authorization.
Well, intending crooks can remove the C-pod you might say – no, C-pod even has a HeartBeat function, which sends out a signal at regular intervals. If a HeartBeat fails, for instance if someone dismounts your C-pod, an alarm will be sent to warn you.
You may log on via your personal web portal wherever you are. There you will find updated information regarding position, speed and status. This means that if you are out sailing, your friends and relatives can see where you are and that you arrived safely.
Contact a distributor for more information:
France, SDM Électronique, Phone +33 1 39 14 68 33 www.sdmarine.com
Germany Nordwest Funk GmbH Phone +49 4921 8008 88 www.nordwest-funk.de
Norway Belamarin as Phone +47 69264600 www.belamarin.no
Sweden Navship Sweden AB Phone +46 31 939600 www.navship.se