Burke Marine- new range, strong sales

Founder, Martin Burke, is the designer of and inspiration behind the Burke range of products.
Jeni Bone
Burke Marine, the exclusive distributor of the Henri Lloyd range, has introduced a new range of lightweight warm wear options and poised to celebrate 40 years in the business, reveals how a blend of quality at a good price helped them prosper during the GFC.

New to the Henri Lloyd range internationally in the Knitted Insulation category is the Henri Lloyd Flare ½ Zip, a light weight, high performance insulation without the weight or bulk of traditional fleece style jackets.

Henri Lloyd's Flare Half Zip - Mens
Made form Polartec® Thermal Pro® fabric this advanced fabrics surface creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, providing outstanding warmth without weight. This fabric offers excellent breathability and is quick dry.

The pull on ½ zip styling means added protection from the wind and the full front hand warmer pockets and arm pocket are zipped allowing your possession to stay put. Ergonomically designed and high stretch for extra comfort this garment is excellent as either a mid or outer layer and looks great.

Available in both a men’s and women’s cut this is a must for anyone on or near the water during the colder months and is great as a team/staff uniform. RRP $175.

Founder of Burke Marine, Martin Burke, says that along with new pieces in the Henri Lloyd range – which is the real growth area of his business, thanks to three branded stores in Chatswood, Mosman and on Hamilton Island – the Burke brand is poised to roll out several new products and enhanced products that are stalwarts in its line.
'Many of them are evolutions or redesigns, which will be rolling out in the next month until the end of 2010,' he says.

Business has been steady during 2009/10. 'We’ve had to remind ourselves that we have been tracking exceptionally well, considering the conditions, and that we performed well above average in the previous three years.'

The company weathered the GFC, says Burke, due to a strong financial position and prices that are not only competitive, but also low enough to be considered staples. 'Our prices range from $100 to $500, and our products are jackets and shoes, essentially, so it’s not a big commitment to somebody who is hurting with rising mortgage payments or worried about their job.'

He continues: 'We were not so vulnerable as people selling new boats, cars or homes. We expected a downturn, but not the global meltdown that occurred.'

One area Burke Marine did adjust was its prices. 'We did have to cut prices in order to be competitive. In tough times, your competitors are a lot more visible. But we were lucky because of the strong Aussie dollar and duty reductions on clothing and footwear, we could make those adjustments.'

Burke Marine is coming up to its 39th year in the industry and plans a suitably large commemoration for its 40th in 2011.

More at www.burkemarine.com.au or Tel: (02) 96384333 for stockists.