Bosphorus Cup now underway in Istanbul + Video

Americas Express Bosphorus Cup 2013
Three days of racing at the American Express Bosphorus Cup 2013 got underway today, Friday 31 May 2013, in the oriental and stunning city of Istanbul. The American Express Bosphorus Cup is the most prestigious sailing race in Turkey, and 2013, which marks the twelfth edition of the Cup, is set to be the most successful so far.

Not only because it has attracted the largest number of participants than previous years, but also the level of competition is set to be tougher, as amongst the highly competitive fleet are two rock-star sailors, both winners of the Volvo Ocean Race and renowned in the world of sailing. Mike Sanderson 'the Moose' from New Zealand is helming on a First 40, while the French sailor Lionel Pean is driving an A35.

Two races were held today, with windward-leeward races for the sixty-five yachts competing across the five classes. The fleet is mainly Turkish owned, but the line-up also includes yachts from Bulgaria, Finland and Great Britain.

The wind was marginal for the first race and after two general recalls the fleet finally started and headed slowly to the windward mark. After a snail’s pace race to the windward mark, Pean and Sanderson were close together, with Pean in the lead and Sanderson following behind but to windward. As they slowly headed for the bottom gate, the wind continued to decrease and forced the Race Committee to shorten the race with the wind slowly dying. Race win to Orient Express VI, with Teb Özel Farr Away in second and Protel Matmazel in third.

Ahead of the second race, the wind had picked up to 15 knots, with the crews hiking hard upwind. Advantage to Orient Express 6 off the line, but with the fleet packed together, the boat to boat battles were intense with some exciting tactical exchanges. Despite a few problems downwind, Orient Express 6 held the lead, but after another two laps had dropped back to third, with the race win going to the team on Protel Matmazel, KIA Acadia in second and Orient Express VI in third.

After today’s two races Protel Matmazel is tied on points with Orient Express VI, who won race 1 and finished third in race 2, with the overall win going to Protel Matmazel on tiebreak. KIA Acadia is in third overall after a 5, 2 scoreline today.

Saturday’s race course takes place inside the unique arena of the Bosphorus Straits and is set between the two magnificent bridges that connect the continents of Europe and Asia. Expect close racing and battles which will take the fleet right up to the shore line, offering a great spectacle to both sailors and spectators, who always fill the Bay of Bosphorus to witness the event. Racing against the iconic Istanbul skyline, the American Express Bosphorus Cup is the only sailing event for which all shipping traffic stops in the straits.

Americas Express Bosphorus Cup 2013

Americas Express Bosphorus Cup 2013

Americas Express Bosphorus Cup 2013

Americas Express Bosphorus Cup 2013

Overall Results

Pos – Yacht – Race 1, Race 2

1. Protel Matmazel – 3, 1
2. Orient Express VI – 1, 3
3. KIA Acadia 3 – 5, 2
4. Teb Özel Farr Away – 2, 5
5. Tag Heuer Goblin 3 – 4, 11

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