Barcelona World Race - Back to the front

Vibrac Paprec 3 - Barcelona World Race
Barcelona World Race update.

Virbac Paprec 3 has now leapt back into second place, powering past Estrella Damm to re-establish the two boats which led to South America as the fleet front-runners after their repair stopover in Recife, as Foncia leads by some 50 miles in this morning’s 1000hrs ranking.

The leading pair look set for a day of exhilarating sailing, and are currently topping 20-knot averages as they ride the stronger, more northerly pressure, associated with the beginnings of a low pressure system formed off the coast of Uruguay. The low pressure system is rapidly advancing south-east, which the leaders will attempt to hold onto for the next 900 miles until Gough Island.

Meanwhile those to the north-east are currently experiencing lighter, more easterly pressure which sees the average speed of the main pack between 10-12 knots. Estrella Damm lead Groupe Bel in this main group in third and fourth overall.

Mapfre, currently the most westerly boat, lies fifth, and although the conditions they are experiencing a little further north are not quite producing the same speeds as Foncia and Virbac Paprec 3, they are averaging over 16 knots and likely to continue making gains on the main pack.

Neutrogena in eighth currently has the best pace of their close group, while Hugo Boss is also making notable gains on the pack – having reduced their deficit to GAES Centros Auditivos in ninth by around 50 miles since yesterday evening.

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