Audi Melges 20 North Americans - Kilroy in Charge, Kiss in the Chase

2013 Audi Melges 20 U.S. National Champion - John Kilroy
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At the 2013 Audi Melges 20 North American Championship, hosted by the Port Credit Yacht Club in Toronto, Canada on Friday, four races under breeze on conditions were conducted on opening day. Newly crowned U.S. National Champion John Kilroy on Samba Pa Ti barely edged out the fleet to lead the overall standings by two slim points.

Kilroy fought off heavy assaults from long-time Audi Melges 20 owner Californian Daniel Thielman on Kuai (who was sailing barefoot in 55 degree weather), and reigning Euro Champ Michael Kiss on Bacio. Thielman and Kiss finished second and third respectively for the day.

While Kilroy stands first submitting in a one, two, three, four performance, Kiss came on strongest grabbing two of the four bullets to be had. John Taylor's Ninkasi took the win in Race Four of the day claim fourth overall, followed by Richard Davies on Section 16 in fifth.

Racing will continue on Saturday and Sunday, with the new North American Champion being named and crowned post-racing.

Top ten results (After Four Races)
1.) John Kilroy, Samba Pa Ti; 1-2-3-4 = 10
2.) Daniel Thielman, Kuai; 2-3-4-3 = 12
3.) Michael Kiss, Bacio; 6-1-1-5 = 13
4.) John Taylor, Ninkasi; 7-5-2-1 = 15
5.) Richard Davies, Section 16; 4-10-5-2 = 21
6.) Jon Messenger, Black Sheep; 8-4-11-7 = 30
7.) David Pollock, dp; 3-12-10-8 = 33
8.) Brian Hill, Atlas; 9-6-12-6 = 33
9.) Erwyn Naidoo, Bohica; 5-7-9-16 = 37
10.) Hiroshi Kurokawa, Spray; 10-16-6-9 = 41

2013 Audi Melges 20 North American Championship
Preliminary Cumulative Results

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   BowSail NumberYacht NameYacht DesignOwner/SkipperRace
North American Championship Racing
 One Design Division
  Audi Melges 20
  1.313USA 13131Samba Pa TiAudi Melges 20John Kilroy123410.0
  2.76USA 7676KuaiAudi Melges 20Daniel Thielman234312.0
  3.13USA 13BacioAudi Melges 20Michael Kiss611513.0
  4.15USA 1315NinkasiAudi Melges 20John Taylor752115.0
  5.226USA 226Section 16Audi Melges 20Richard Davies4105221.0
  6.666CAN 666Black SheepAudi Melges 20Jon Messenger8411730.0
  7.142CAN 142dpAudi Melges 20David Pollock31210833.0
  8.115USA 115AtlasAudi Melges 20Brian Hill9612633.0
  9.29CAN 129BohicaAudi Melges 20Erwyn Naidoo5791637.0
  10.172JPN 126SprayAudi Melges 20Hiroshi Kurokawa10166941.0
  11.201USA 201Team TrueAudi Melges 20Leo Vander Thillart131171344.0
  12.207USA 207VelocityAudi Melges 20Bruce Broussard141481248.0
  13.229CAN 229Character 2.0Audi Melges 20Justin Quigg129161148.0
  14.41CAN 141Umi TakaAudi Melges 20Chris Rypkema1515131053.0
  15.170CAN 170Batteries Not RequiredAudi Melges 20Rhonda Joyce178151454.0
  16.254CAN 254TBDAudi Melges 20Frank McLaughlin1117141557.0
  17.222CAN 222Wild Deuces Audi Melges 20Paul Currie1613171763.0!Event_website