Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2011 Day 7 – Its blown out!!

Its blown out!! - Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2011 Day 7
The Molle Island Race in the 2011 Audi Hamilton Island Race Week did not started as scheduled. Boats were circulating in Dent Passage but there was not a scintilla of breeze. Many of them were sitting head to tide, as the tide ebbed north.

Having postponed the starts Regatta Director Denis Thompson and his team on the prow of the Hamilton Island Yacht Club have been surveying the fleet. There has been quite some headshaking and Denis a few minutes ago told Sail-World ‘its not looking good.’ then at 11:30pm came the signal flags, No racing today.

So the regatta is officially over.

With cloud down to probably less than 100 metres, and limited visibility below that Hamilton Island Airport is currently quiet, the flight from Cairns was turned back. Is seems unlikely there will be further aircraft movements today, so there is a lot of urgent rescheduling going on.

With a stream of boats coming back into the marina, the parties will start now.