Audi Hamilton Island Race Week- Riding the AC45 - VIDEO

Riding the AC45 - Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2014
‘Bucket List’ is fast becoming one of the English language’s most over-used epithets.

And it’s not as if photographer Craig Greenhill of Saltwater Images and freelance photojournalist Crosbie Lorimer are old enough yet to be worrying too much about such things.

But when they got the hint that there might be an opportunity to get a ride on one of the fastest sailing machines around – the Wild Oats AC45 – then ticking that item off the list was never going to be too early.

Short it may have been – two upwind and downwind legs - but cool it most certainly was.

And of course their sailing buddies are no longer talking to them!

Enjoy Crosbie’s on board video – with great editing by Dale - and the Saltwater Images stills shots by Craig.