Audi Hamilton Island Race - Tiny Tassie boat triumphing in paradise

Audi Hamilton Island Race week 2013 - Rum to Paradise
A tiny Tasmanian entry which was first sailed by its new owners on the delivery from Airlie Beach last Saturday morning is cleaning up in Performance Racing II division at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.With back-to-back race wins the husband and wife team of Piers and Sarah Findlay are leading their division by four points.

The Elliott VII Rum To Paradise is a new acquisition for the Findlays from Port Dalrymple Yacht Club, one of nine entries from the state with a vast maritime history that has always been a great supporter of Race Week, despite the massive distance competitors have to travel.

'Today was a magic day on the water, really special,' said Sarah post racing. While surprised by their second win they are a highly experienced team with plenty of on-water credentials.

'Piers and I have done a lot of sailing and we have also built boats,' she said adding, 'We are just here to have fun.'
In 2008 the couple did the same thing, bought a boat en route to Hamilton Island and went on to collect a trophy for their efforts with a second in division.

With the daytime temperature peaking at 13 degrees when they left home, the Tassie component of the crew are pretty happy to be wearing shorts and T’swhile enjoying balmy winter conditions at Hamilton Island.

The crew of four, including Sarah’s brother Cameron Gibson and another crew Jack Wells from Brisbane, are in very close company at Hamilton Island, racing all dayon the 23-footer and sleeping on the boat at night until a very kind neighbour on the marina noticed their cramped living conditions and offered them a bunk on his larger boat.

Well-known Australian boat builder John McConaghy’s Second Time Around is leading Performance Racing Division 1 from Philip Grove’s Sydney 39 Huntress and Matt Allen’s Farr 400 Ichi Ban.

Cruising Division II winner Darryle Dransfield was delighted with his race on day two of Audi Hamilton Island Race Week yesterday.

Audi Hamilton Island Race week 2013 - Second Time Around

Cruising Division I and II boats sailed a 17nm course around White Rock and Denman Island, arriving back at Dent Passage to wrap up another beautiful day on the water.

The winning skipper steered his boat, called ‘That Boat’, to first place in light conditions, relying on momentum to carry the boat over the course when the wind eased and picking up speed nicely when the breeze peaked at 12 knots from the NNW.

'We didn’t challenge the start because there was a current in the passage, but we had to get it right,' said Dransfield from the Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay.

'A couple of the guys had to fire their engines up when they were caught out in the tide,' he said.
Dransfield is lapping up his time on the island and is looking forward to enjoying what the rest of the week has in store.

'We love coming here. It’s my fourth year.I’m very happy with how we are going,I couldn’t be happier!'

Racing continues today with 11am starts for all divisions on different courses.

Hamilton Island Race Week

Full results from yesterday and series scores are available here.

Cruising Div 1 Hosted By Hamilton Island Yacht Club PROVISIONAL RESULTS Updated:  19/08/2013  15:48:15
Series Results [EHC Div1] up to Race 2
PlaceTiesBoat NameSail NumSkipperSers ScoreRace 2Race 1
1 LIMITLESS6995Bill Hili10.09.0 1.0
24.0SSALACIARQ1600Stephen Everett13.04.0 9.0
3 INFINITYAUS52Richard Fader13.06.0 7.0
4 CONDORKB80David Molloy15.012.0 3.0
55.0SENCORE00100Tim Lewis Jim Milledge17.05.0 12.0
6 SOLUTIONS3242Stephen Dadour17.011.0 6.0
7 ABRACADABRA5612James Murchison18.016.0 2.0
81.0SONE O NINE1109Robert Salteri19.01.0 18.0
92.0SVIRAGO II6813David Rooke19.02.0 17.0
10 HAMMER OF QUEENSLAND7Gerry McGann19.03.0 16.0
115.0SWHITEBIRDS788Paul White22.017.0 5.0
12 KATER53John Raff22.07.0 15.0
13 VELOCE1027Dean Corbett23.015.0 8.0
14 MISTRAAL6515Brett Cooper24.010.0 14.0
154.0SBROADSWORDQ40Adrian Castle25.021.0 4.0
16 EUREKA 116037Chris Stockdale25.014.0 11.0
17 CIRCESM91Ross Johnston26.013.0 13.0
18 PROTEUSUSA52855Timothy Macintosh29.08.0 21.0
19 MISTA GYBEW888Peter Carr30.020.0 10.0
2018.0SSIR THOMAS SOPWITH6892David Edwards38.018.0 20.0
21 JOIE DE VIE6702Peter Byford38.019.0 19.0

Cruising Div 2 Hosted By Hamilton Island Yacht Club PROVISIONAL RESULTS Updated:  20/08/2013  14:33:52
Series Results [EHC Div2] up to Race 3
PlaceTiesBoat NameSail NumSkipperSers ScoreRace 3Race 2Race 1
1 CEILIDH237Peter Williams16.01.0 2.0 13.0
2 JEMSONSM301Andrew Molnar24.015.0 3.0 6.0
3 NEXT LIGHT35000Chris Ryan24.55.0 18.5 1.0
4 VANILLABOW19David Perkins29.07.0 4.0 18.0
5 TRUE LOVE999Roger Down30.09.0 11.0 10.0
6 THAT BOAT6782Darryle Dransfield32.017.0 1.0 14.0
7 SAILING ADVENTURESBOW05Brian Pozzey37.012.0 17.0 8.0
8 RHYTHM & BLUESBOW03Brenton Pegler38.011.0 10.0 17.0
95.0STHE POACHERMK6John Foster41.021.0 5.0 15.0
10 SINEWAVE5436Greg Mason Barb Maunsell41.013.0 9.0 19.0
112.0SSOUTHERN MAGIC633Mark Tobin43.033.0 8.0 2.0
12 SUNSHINE SAILING AUS6590John Bankart43.025.0 6.0 12.0
13 PLANET PEUGEOT9197TMike Hulbert44.018.0 22.0 4.0
146.0SMOHAWK5978Tony Byrnes47.06.0 30.0 11.0
15 CEO1BOW04Ray Sweeney47.014.0 12.0 21.0
16 CAMPEADOR5758Jonathan Thelfall48.010.0 29.0 9.0
174.0SLUNACYSB445Matt Shepherd50.04.0 23.0 23.0
18 HOLY COW!6797John & Kim Clinton50.027.0 7.0 16.0
19 COOPERSBOW15Craig Watson51.08.0 16.0 27.0
20 GEOMATICM495Adrian Lewis54.531.0 18.5 5.0
213.0STONIC6842Robert Pizzie59.03.0 25.0 31.0
22 KITE RUNNER11000Dave Simpson59.019.0 20.0 20.0
23 TEAM SUNSAILCHART161Mark Thompson61.02.0 35.0O 24.0
24 AVANTIBOW08Philip Cormie62.032.0 27.0 3.0
25 ENTOURAGE5176Lyle Borlase64.020.0 15.0 29.0
26 SUMMER'S LEASEB500Glenn Fitzgerald71.024.0 14.0 33.0
27 MALAGUENA648Roger Prout72.023.0 27.0I 22.0
28 THE HEALERRQ367Mark Hipgrave73.034.0 32.0 7.0
29 ALLUSIVETYC407John Joyce74.029.0 13.0 32.0
3021.0STILTH400Peter Cretan75.028.0 21.0 26.0
31 MISS DEVEREAUXBOW07Doug Reed75.022.0 28.0 25.0
32 NORTHERN MOMENTC192Vic Stevens80.026.0 26.0 28.0
33 SECOND NATUREBOW09Paul Mentiplay83.016.0 33.0 34.0
34 ISLAND LADYV42Andrew Pusey91.030.0 31.0 30.0