Around the Americas- Now the documentary

Around the America’s expedition yacht, Ocean Watch
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While the expedition sailing yacht Ocean Watch circled the Americas in the first expedition of its kind, Sail-World followed its story and exploits.

For more than twelve months from May 2009 we followed their journey from Seattle, through the North West Passage, down the east coast of the Americas and around the Horn, on a scientific and educational mission.

Now Seattle's!KOMO_News have produced a video on the project.

The expedition was organised by Sailors for the Sea, and the mission called 'Around the Americas'. Skippered by Mark Schrader, there were three permanent crew - journalist Herb McCormick, photographer David Thoreson and David Logan, and they were accompanied along the way by a host of scientists and educators.

As KOMO says in its introduction, it's a tale of dreamers and sailors, doers, thinkers and adventurers, part action-adventure, part cautionary tale, part horror story. It follows the four men 'as they try to change the world the only way they know how: by taking to the sea.'!KOMO's Eric Johnson and photojournalist Eric Jensen joined the crew toward the end of their journey for a look back at the epic adventure, and here's the video: