Annapolis to Newport 2011 comes to a close

Annapolis Newport
John Bildahl

Annapolis to Newport 2011 has concluded with all boats having finished or retired. The last boat of the fleet sailed in around 6:15 this morning.

The light winds resulted in quite a few retirements as people ran out of time.  There were 14 retirements.  The final results are posted here.  The list of prize winners is posted here and the results of the yacht club team competition are posted here.

The All-Hands Party last night seemed to be populated by a happy group of sailors.  They seemed to have had a good time on the race, not just happy to be ashore.  Most said they found the race a challenge, tactically interesting and hardly anyone complained about the light wind.  All voyages generate sea stories – and that’s what counts when you get to the bar!

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