Anchoring, Bow to Cockpit Radios

From ‘Going North’

Hey Guys, get some cockpit-to-bow two-way radios. My partner and have been using these for six months now, and they have taken all the agro out of anchoring. There’s nothing worse, when coming into a crowded anchorage, than the embarrassment of a whole lot of yelling going on between the crew if something goes a bit wrong. In addition, whoever is on the wheel (we swap roles) can advise the person on the bow the exact depth of the water, so that they know exactly how much chain to put out. They cost well over $100, but they’re worth their weight in gold!!

Editor's Note:
We think they're great too. Don't forget that you need a headset, either with voice activated or 'press to talk' system. (Voice Activated leaves two hands free for other activities, but you need to blow into them before speaking or your first words are lost) West Marine has them, or your local marine shop.