Anasazi Girl - family in Atlantic Open 40 record attempt

Anasazi sailing - photo by Bryan Traylor
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James Burwick is a professional sailor with a long history of sailing exhausting solo adventures. He also spent 32 years as a professional mountain guide. But that doesn't explain why James is attempting a new Open 40 record across the Atlantic with whole family on board, his partner Somira Sao, daughter Tormentina (3) and Raivo (9 months.)

But James has a simple philosophy, and in his own words, believes in doing what he loves and not what he is supposed to do. So, with his family on board, complete with nappies and toys, he is attempting to sail from Portland, Maine (USA) to the Port of Caen, Normandy (France) in record time. They started on June 26th and are doing well do far.

The Open 40 is not the typical cruising boat of choice. It is light, wide, powerful and fast. The motion on board in high winds and seas can be quite rough even for an experienced seaman.

However, before they left, Somira Sao wrote on their blog, 'Anasazi Girl is perfect. Just Perfect. She is the safest boat I could imagine taking my family on an ocean crossing in. Huge pressure on both of us to make this voyage successful and safe, with our precious cargo on board. James (is) the best person to drive her with the family on board after practicing for 30,000 miles solo - a wild mixture of emotions inside making my insides flip: excited, nervous, anxious.'
Anasazi Girl Raivo in crib
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As of writing this article, Anasazi Girl is nearing the half way mark, and his position is 41.12N 53.10W. While above decks they are speeding along at 12-14 knots in big seas, life below decks mirrors the life in any family.

James yesterday emailed to say, 'Tormentina is 3 today I went to the head with her and she promptly told me I did niot need to hold her hand.
'I am three now!'

'Watching her move was impressive - every movement calculated, knees bent to move with the seas.
Anasazi Girl big girl
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'Raivo is 10 months and is a happy baby. It is hot and moist inside this carbon boat. His diaper is roasting him so he is naked as much as we can keep him. we waited for ever for a good breeze, and after passing therough calms and squalls we are finally on the north side of the high and moving fast enough for family life. not the 20+ we could be going but 12-15 is safe and comfortable.

You can follow Anasazi Girl's progress by going to the!website, and Sail-World will be keeping track of them from time to time.

Anasazi distant
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