America's Cup more images from the four boat practice session

As Oracle reaches foiling speed, the boat begins to flatten hull trim for more speed. - America's Cup

Four AC72s from three teams, including both Oracle boats and one each from Luna Rossa and ETNZ, were on the LVC/AC race course today in excellent conditions, practicing during a scheduled Reserve Day.

The session included some two-boat testing by Oracle's #1 and #2 boats, plus a few short drag-races between various boats, all under the watchful eyes of team support boats, who were carefully checking the strengths and weaknesses of all the boats.

ETNZ, flat, fast and foiling as Prada approaches. - America's Cup

ETNZ splashes down as it comes off her foils. - America's Cup

Both Oracle boats testing trim and speed against each other. - America's Cup

Oracle's crew gets yet another cold shower as the finned rudders and curved daggerboards dig in and lift the boat. - America's Cup

Oracle begins tossing up a roostertail as the boat powers-up. - America's Cup

Oracle begins lift-off sequence as it begins to get onto its hydrofoils. - America's Cup

One of Oracle's two AC72s turns out of a gybe, getting set to fire the afterburners for a downwind ride. - America's Cup